Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Simple Phone Call Please

The telephone is a wonderful invention, it makes our life so easy, you push a few
buttons and like magic you are connected, but with this magic a few responsibilities should be followed. I work at a local spa as a nail tech and everyday people call in and make their appointments, great phones ring people coming in, spa is making money, but what happens when after you make that appointment, suppose you decide for whatever reason not to show up, and not bother to pick up that wonderful device with those easy to push buttons, the magic of the connection, to cancel your appointment! Now your nail tech who's last client was at 4 has been waiting for you to show up for your appointment at 6 , lucky she had her book with her Three Cups of Tea. Yes we did try to call you and we had a fax number so that didn't work. This happens to all of us at one time or another. So when you make an appointment with someone and you can't make it please pick up that magical device and give us a call. After all it's just a simple phone call.


  1. HI Cheryl, Thank you for that blog post. I have been experiencing this problem with people who say they want to see or buy my mobile home. They act all excited about it and then they aren't polite enough to call and say they can't make the appointment to see it or they changed their minds about buying it. As if you just disappeared after they lost interest. Very rude. Patricia

  2. Yes I think sometimes they are to embarassed to call and cancel, which would be the right thing to do.