Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My house is a mess !!!

Garage is getting full

boxes are taking over

My house is a mess and I don't like it ! I have boxes everywhere, nothing is staying clean, you might think I was moving or something!!! Everyday I find something else that is not making the trip,so it goes in the yard sale pile. We spent last Sunday setting up some tables in the garage, and pricing items, when I get home from work on Friday we sill set up the rest outside on the driveway, I want to be ready for the early birds, that we told not to show up early when we ran the ad in the paper, but you know how people don't listen. I think some people think that the rules don't apply to them. It is going to be a nice warm weekend so we should get a good crowd, you know how everyone loves a bargain. On another note my friend Patricia was kind enough to post my blog address on her blog, she has lot's of people checking in on her daily events in Ajijic, that is how we met her, very nice lady, of course I know she is reading this, Hi Patricia ! Well got to run and eat some dinner I will let you all know how the yard sale went.


  1. Hi Cheryl, Great post..... I am sure everyone can relate to it. Thanks for mentioning me. Good luck with your sale. I want to go to it! Patricia

  2. So, please tell us.... WHAT are you deciding to take with you to Mexico? I'm in the same boat - getting ready to sell the house & all the 'stuff' this summer. I've already made several trips to charity centers with loads of items, but everytime I look around there's just so much MORE! As for me, I think the only thing I really could use there would be: a crockpot. And since I have THREE!!, it's already put aside for the trip.

    What else do we take besides clothes & a cooler, since we're going to rent a furnished place? I'm at a quandry trying to figure out if ANY of this stuff will sell.

    PS: Patricia is an email friend of mine, too! (Hi Patricia!) Gayle from Portland OR

  3. Hi Gayle, I think you bring what is important to you, we can only fit around 14 boxes in the back of our car, my husband wants to bring the pots & pans, some tools, the computer, some bedding, some personal nick nacks, small tv set, and mostly clothes. Don't try to figure out what will sell and what won't try to sell everything and what doesn't sell goes to the goodwill store. My next post will be on our yard sale.Stay tuned, and thanks for writing.

  4. Stace of San Juan-Raquet ClubMarch 21, 2010 at 5:11 PM

    Hi Cheryl--another friend of Patricia's who moved to Lake Chapala area 2-1/2 months ago. Good luck with the garage sales--my experience in Marin County, CA selling things--a lifetime of "stuff" was less than optimum because of the poor economy--nobody wants to buy anything (even brand new things in their boxes) including antique furniture, beautiful dishes, etc. My middle name became "let go" and I drove down January 4th with only what I could fit in my 2003 Mitsubishi Gallant (not a big SUV). Bring your telephone answering machine, a magic jack, a few special things from your "former life", and don't do like I did--which was give away, throw away, donate, some items sell--and in the last few days decide I wouldn't have room for my lifelong music collection of CDs and tapes. That is the one thing I regret along with getting rid of most of my warmer clothes because the nights here can be cool and require warmer clothing or a wrap at the very least. Hope this is helpful and buena suerte to you. Look forward to meeting you on your arrival in this magic place. Truly it is!!!

  5. Hi Stace, Looking forward to meeting you too, the yard sale was a success, lot's of work, but fun. I will be posting on it soon. I have been buying long sleeve shirts, because I don't like being cold, they will come in handy at night. see you soon. Cheryl

  6. ALWAYS bring all your music! But, never fear .. we can always make cd copies of our music to share. I have been getting some great cd's from the library, in fact. I'll bring my computer which is able to make copies.

    Re: the moving sale ... I agree. LET IT GO. Those people who can't/won't/shouldn't buy in this economy... are getting a deal, no question. But, isn't it worth being FREE of it? I mean, how many crystal goblets do we need (much less can we PACK) for a move that far? Shall we say 'ohmmmmmmmmmmmmm'...!
    Gabriela, Portland

  7. Glad your garage sale was a success!!! I have had a few parties since arriving here and I do miss my special party platters, dishes, etc. -- cause I look around my little "furnished" casita and think -- "what the hell am I going to put this appetizer on", etc. I did bring a gorgeous wood salad bowl from Costa Rica that I got years ago in a gallery there -- glad I to have my salads. They grow exquisite designer organic greens here and with all the other cheap vegetables you can make one heck of a ensalada. Hope to meet you soon. Stace of San Juan Cosala-Raquet Club