Friday, October 25, 2013


Just returned from a mini vacation to the awesome city of Guanajuato. We stayed for three nights at a fabulous B&B that was way up on the hillside, which gave us amazing views of the city, so beautiful at night!  We were there for the Cervantina festival, which the city hosts every year. This year was it's 41st. Lot's of people go to this festival, so getting your tickets in advance to the shows that you really want to see is a good idea, however if you are in the states and buy them then try and pick them up here, well lets just say that getting  the tickets may not happen. A couple that we met did that and were told that they didn't have their tickets and the shows were sold out! Needless to say they were pretty upset . Exploring the city was fun, with plenty of things to do and see, we had so much fun we plan on going back next back next year.

View from our room


Terrace view
The happy couple


Street scene

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Time to try something new!

Ok  so I have no idea what I am doing. I am trying to do this blog from my tablet,  and it is my first time, and I have no clue as to how it is going to come out. Should be interesting. One thing I do know is that I have finally learned how to type on this thing. Not sure if I will be able to add my pictures where I want them, or if I will be able to label them. Here goes nothing.

lined up for breakfast

Napping in the sun

Some privacy please I want to take a cat nap!

This girl knows how to nap!   

Well I think I will end this post for now, the grey cat napping in the sun is the mom of the grey cat on the couch.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Exploring Mexico

We have been exploring some very interesting sites here in Mexico, our friends Chris and Barbara plan our trips and we get to go along!  It's a win, win.  Chris and Barbara are sun birds, and they are from Austin Texas, we have know them for 4 years now. They love to go out on adventures, and they are great travel companions.

Tequila Mexico:  On this trip we stayed overnight in the town of Tequila. The country side is just beautiful, lush green mountains green pastures, bright blue skies. When we were close to Tequila, I noticed train tracks, I love trains so I was hoping that we would see some and if I got really lucky I would even hear some whistles ! Well I got lucky and got to see 3 trains and hear their whistles. I know it's the small things in life that makes us happy. We stayed at the hotel Plaza Rubio which was very nice and reasonably priced, but I think next time I would like to try and stay at the Plaza Jardin which is right next to the plaza. The town of Tequila was really nice, we plan on going back  so we can  spend more time there, the town was nice and clean, and as usual the people were very friendly. There is always some one around that speaks English, which always amazes me. We had dinner at a really nice restaurant, that was recommended by the locals, and will defiantly  eat there again.

Herradura Hacienda, Distillery : This place was awesome, I never knew how much work goes into the making of Tequila.  We showed up for a tour on a Thursday at 3 and we were the only people there so we had our own private tour! Our tour guide was a young Mexican woman who spoke perfect English,  she was great. Of course at the end of the tour you go into their little store that  sells all kinds of things to buy including of course their Tequila! My favorite part of the tour was the old part of the distillery was the old section, really neat to see how it was done way back! We couldn't tour the hacienda, as the owners of the place still use it on the weekends. Actually the distillery has been sold to an American company, but not the hacienda. Chris and Barbara have been on other Tequila tours and they said this one was the best. So if you ever get a chance to visit Tequila make sure to visit the Herradura Distillery.

My new tablet:  I bought a new Samsung Tablet while I was in the states, I take pictures with it and it is so easy to send them to face book. Well I wanted to use it today to do this blog and I couldn't sign in on my blog with it, very disappointed as I have pictures that I want to add to this that are on my tablet. So I am going to add some that are from my camera and then try to figure out how to add more from the tablet, it is raining out so maybe that has something to do with it?

My horse:  Things are going really well with my training of Melaza, we were taking jumping lessons then my trainer had to go away for  a  month so while he was gone I practiced what he had taught me, and I went on line to learn more about jumping, some of the videos that they post on you tube should be called how Not to teach your horse to jump!  well at least they were interesting.  On Saturday I had a lesson and all my practice is paying off, we did great! Looking forward to more lessons!

Pictures: Time to try and get them loaded! Wish me luck!

                         These cute guys walk around and give out samples of  Tequila

                                                         Beautiful big tree on the grounds
Update:  Ok so I didn't figure out how to do this from my tablet yet!!!! however we did find out that
you have to add an app. in order for me to get to my blog on my tablet. Maybe I will just keep on doing my blog from my computer. Ugh modern technology! So I am just going to go ahead and get this one posted, and hopefully do another one soon with more pictures.

Friday, July 19, 2013

How I spent my summer vacation!

How I spent my summer vacation or at least 10 days of my summer, since we are retired and it seems like one endless vacation! The taxi ride to the airport was good, checking in was good, but then we boarded the flight and we had to sit on the runway for an hour while they fixed the gps on the plane. Lucky for us that we had a long layover in Atlanta so it didn't affect our next fight.  As soon as we went outside in Orlando the humidity hit us, wow, not used to that anymore. We picked up our car and off we went to the in laws house. We had a great visit, this time we spent more time with Billy's parents, Billy even cooked for us twice. Visiting is always nice but hectic trying to see everyone and hitting all our favorite spots. Oh did I mention that for the first 2 days my stomach was not in a good place, but it worked out ok because I didn't eat all the food that I was planning on eating, so I didn't gain any weight!

Shopping:  Oh my, all the stores all the choices, I brought two empty suitcases with me and they were packed full  by the end of the visit. Mostly clothes, some food and a new Samsung tablet, that I am still trying to learn  how to use!  My  friend Pam  and I went to my favorite store Beals outlet and I had lot's of fun trying on things and  getting great deals! While we were standing in line we were talking about how fast 3 hours went by, and the man in front of us couldn't believe we spent that much time shopping, men, they just don't understand shopping! LOL

Food:  Well like I said I didn't eat all that I thought I would, but I did manage to have some of my favorite things. Went to a local place and had a delicious lobster roll, yummy!  also had a Publix sub that we brought and ate on the plane,  just as good as I remembered them!!! Oh and we brought back chocolate covered potato chips sooo good! and  some Dunkin Doughnuts coffee, like I said the suitcase was Packed.

Family & Friends:  So great to see everyone and so sad to say goodbye, a year is a long time between visits especially when you miss people that have been a huge part of your life.

What we did?  The time just flew by,  went to the beach, shopped for things we wanted to bring back, went out to dinner a few times, got to see my mares foal, sooo cute! went on a boat ride in the river with our friends Helen & John. Which almost didn't happen, it was a rainy day but it finally cleared up enough for us to go out.  Took our granddaughter to Chuckie  Cheese, she had a great time.  Billy played cards with his parents and friends. Hung out at night and one night we played the wii, the woman against the men we beat their butts 3 games!!

What I know for sure:  I miss the beach, my gran daughters, my in laws, my fiends, Beal's outlet, looking at the river, and hearing the train whistle . Not in that order but just some of what I miss. Of course there are things that I don't miss too.  In the states it seems like everyone is connected to their cell phones,  does anyone talk to each other ?   It is  easy to see how one could so easily  start buying Stuff all over again, because in the states there is so much stuff to buy.  I am so glad our apartment is small, can't fit to much stuff in here.  I didn't miss the humidity at all,  can't believe that I used to train and ride my horses in the summer, but  I did.  I do know now that  we are ready to sell our house there, and we will be putting it on the market if our tenants don't buy it from us. Now is a good time to sell as things are starting to move again in Florida.

 Our flight back:  First leg of the trip Orlando to Atlanta no problem, second part  Atlanta to Guadalajara, get on the plane, Billy looks out the window, Cher there is a guy in the engine, that can't be good! 5 minutes later, pilot is out there looking at the engine, 5 minutes later he comes on the pa and says, this plane is not going anywhere tonight, we will find you another plane to take you home, ok 2 hours later we finally get to board a new plane and fly home, what are the odds of two of our flights not going well???  

Done for now:  ok I think it's time to wrap this up and try and add some of the pictures that I took on vacation. Hope you enjoy the post !

Beach beauty Brianna

Gran pa  and  his girls

It's too cold !!!

Mud Fight!

Waiting for lunch!


Fun on the river

Captain John

Gran ma and Kaylee

Gran pa and Kaylee

Having fun yet?

Helen and John

Helen enjoying the boat ride


Chris and  Rango


Mom, Chris, baby

Saying goodbye to Kaylee
Having fun in the sun!

Best friend Pam and I shopping at of course Beals!

Billy's dad making us breakfast
Final thoughts:  Of course as I was doing the pictures my computer ran out of power, so ok plug it in get back to the pictures all is going well then slow down pictures stop loading, ok take a few off,   then some didn't load where I wanted them but all in all it got done,  really hope my readers enjoy my efforts, lol.

Monday, May 27, 2013

38 years OMG!!!

38 Years and Counting:  Well if anyone had ever told me that being married for 38 years would fly by I would have probably said to them yea right!!! but then if someone had ever said I would be living in Mexico I would have told them they were crazy!!! So I guess it's good no one has ever said those things to me. But getting back to that 38 years thing, I have to say it did go by fast, of course like every marriage we have had our ups and downs but we have survived them and came out stronger. My husband still makes me laugh and he's my best friend too, he hates it when I say that LOL! One of our friends asked me what was the trick to staying together,  I guess it's different for every couple, but having different interests,  respecting each other and knowing how to pick your battles really helps! and then there's our good role models, Billy's parents have been married for 70 years!

4 years and counting:  This month we have been living in Mexico for 3 years, so we are now entering our 4th year here. Don't know where the time went, I guess just living our lives and getting to know our way around. My Spanish is not good, still working on it, but Billy's is getting good, of course he talks to everyone, and I mean everyone!!!! You should see him at the market, talking to the vendors! He loves it here, have to say it is exciting living here! going to the supermarket in the states is boring compared to shopping at the open markets.  Not to mention how much you can buy for so little.

Going to the States:  Billy and I are going to Florida for a visit, finally taking the trip we had to cancel because of his eye. Really looking forward to visiting family and friends. Not to mention shopping for clothes. My mare that I gave to my friend Chris is due to foal any day now, so I will get to see her baby. Can't wait to see them. I ordered some new things for our place here, and they are waiting for me in Florida, it will be nice to finally pick them up. They are going to look so nice in here. I'm  also going to order a few things for my mare too, can't forget about her. That is one down side about going away, I will miss my cats and my horse while I am gone but they will be well looked after. So much so they won't even miss us, well I hope they do a little!

Training my mare:   Love, Love my horse, she is so awesome, learns everything I throw at her, every once in awhile I look up and I have someone watching me train her, we get lot's of nice comments regarding her good looks and what she can do. Of course I never get tired of hearing them!

Weather:   Well what can I say. I have said it before and I will say it again, so nice!!! love it, the pool is beautiful, you can walk right in now, no one foot at a time anymore. It has started raining at night, thunder and lightning rolls in does it's thing and rolls out, can't wait for the mountains to turn green again.

Pictures:  I sometimes think it was easier in the old days when you actually had pictures in your hand, and you put them in albums, the other day I took our pictures off the camera and put them on the computer, I hadn't done that in awhile so I had lot's of pictures, and then of course if you want to use them on your blog it helps to name them so I have been working on that. Not fun!

Ok going to wrap this up and try and add my pictures, that is always exciting, of course if I did this more often, it would be easier !

                                    Sunset view from our apartment

                                                 Riding on the beach

                                                my friend Pat

  always a nice view  on my mare!
                                                     fishing on the lake

                                          not your average seat in the back
Puppy on the beach


                                                     Melaza doing tricks

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Eyes Of March

The Eyes Of March:
Well once again, it has taken me Forever to post a new blog!!!! Life just keeps on getting in the way.
I have lot's to say today, I guess that's what happens when I don't post to often. Now, I know my post
heading is not right, but in my case it is, and when you read my story it will all make sense, ha that's
funny me making sense! Anyway, this is a story about our adventure with Billy's eyesight, and it
is a true story. A few weeks ago Billy had a slight problem with his vision he noticed that in a
small section of his eye he couldn't see, he took a look at it in the mirror and there was a small
bubble there. He called a local doctor and he got in right away. The doctor did some tests and told
him that he needed to go see a retinalolgist, now Billy and I never even heard that word before, but
the doctor set us up with an appointment in Guadalajara. The night before the appointment I googled
eye problems, and there was the symptoms that Billy had a torn retina, is what we figured he had
which would mean surgery. Billy looked up a map on google so we would know where were
going, I asked him if he wanted to print it out and take it with us, no he said I know Exactly
where we are going! Our friend Brian came with us so he could drive us home after the test.
The appointment was for 11 o clock, at 10:45 we were still looking for the office! so we
flag down a taxi and followed him to the office. We get there right at 11:00, boy was that close.
We approach the front desk and check in, the woman does not have an appointment for
us, and the doctor will not be in till 12:00. OK, we said, we will wait. Meanwhile the doctor
that Billy saw in town told us that he would be meeting us so that he could translate for us,
doctors here are so nice!  So he shows up and explains to the woman why we are there. Turns
out that the retinalolgist forgot to tell her we were coming in! anyway at 12:40 we got to see
the doctor. He started taking pictures of Billy's eye and we hear him say detached retina, so
we knew right away what that meant. So after he finishes with the bad eye he takes pictures of
his good eye and he tells us that he doesn't like the way that one looks either, I thought Billy
and I were going to fall off our chairs. Seems like that eye had a very thin retina and it needed
 to be fixed right away, especially if the surgery didn't go well. We asked if they could fix it
today and they said yes, so they used a laser all around the outside of his eye to hold everything
together. Right before they were going to do the laser I asked Billy for the keys to the car, I
wanted to put my book away, so he checks his pockets and says "I don't have the keys, you
must have them in your purse". I check my purse no keys, can you guess where they are???
Yes that's right in the locked car! So we ask if anyone has a coat hanger so we can try and
unlock the door. Brian and I are trying to get the door unlocked, meanwhile someone went
and got a locksmith for us, he arrives with his tools and can't get the door unlocked. I guess
maybe that is a good thing? I mean how is a thief going to get in if the locksmith can't? A
very nice stranger who is standing there watching all of this go down, said "Can I try"? We
said go for it, well he is the one that got the door open with a good old fashion wire coat
hanger!! and I still had to pay the locksmith!!! Billy was so nervous that he left the keys in
the car, and then he said well if I left the keys in the car how did the car get locked?? Well it
turns out that Brian locked it on the door. What A Day!!!  Billy's surgery was scheduled for
Thursday at 8 am, so we had a driver come and get us at 5:45,  as we had to be there at 7 to
get him prepped. Our driver knows Guad, so he got us there right on time. The surgery was
done at an outpatient clinic, very nice place and the staff was great. There was one nurse
there that spoke English so she told us what was going to happen, and she translated any
questions we had to the doctor. The whole thing took 90 minutes, when they wheeled Billy
to his room he was wide awake. They told us that the operation went really well, and that
we needed to come back to the doctors office on Friday, so that he could check the eye.
So today we went back with our driver who helped translate for us. Thank you Rafael!!
Doctor said it looks good, the most important thing Billy has to do is to be real careful about
 is not  to look down!!! The retina has to have time to heal and reattach itself. We are glad
that this happened here in Mexico, (well if one can be glad about this)  and not the states,
we don't have insurance in the states and it would have cost us double what we had to pay

The best laid plans:
Before all this happened we had booked a trip to Florida, we were going to help Billy's
parents celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary, yes I said 70th!!! I know, who is married
that long!! So being as you can't fly with that kind of injury we had to cancel our flight, along
with our rental car. We are very upset that we won't be a their party.  We do plan on going to
Florida maybe at the end of May. Will just have to wait to buy some new clothes. I did order
a few things and had them sent to Florida so I guess I will just have to wait to pick them up.

Cooking: OMG I am going to have to do some cooking!!! lol

Pictures:  No pictures with this blog,  will post some on my next one, which won't take me
2 more months to write! I promise. I actually know what I am going to write for my next one.
Just have to set aside the time to do it.

Till next time, stay safe and have your vision checked!