Sunday, May 29, 2011

What I Know For Sure ?

What I know for sure? Yes I know I am using a line from Oprah. Speaking of Oprah did anyone see her last show? I thought it was just perfect. I wonder how she decided what to talk about. I used to catch her show every once in awhile, and I get her magazine, yes I can have that delivered here in Mexico!

I know for sure that I need to start speaking Spanish, I was out with a friend the other day and she said she has never heard me say anything in Spanish, so I said well that's not good. I should have been a smart ass and said something in Spanish. I do know some Spanish I guess I am still afraid to open my mouth and speak it. I do practice with Billy, his Spanish is coming along. I have a few friends who can teach me it and I think it is time for me to make that happen.

I know for sure that Billy and I need to lose some weight, I need to start walking again, my exercise teacher took off for the beach, she won't be back till July :( !

I know for sure that I love the weather here, sunny everyday, until the rains start, which we need, it is very dusty here and we have white tile floors which I sweep all the time.

I know for sure that having a computer here is a life saver, I can't imagine what it would be like not to be able to keep in touch with everyone. Billy talked to his friend Moe today for over an hour, I told him he was like a little old lady LOL!

I know for sure that my emotional life is so much better when I am not homesick. I read something in Oprah the other day that has helped me, it was from Dr. Phil. It was about letting the past go, not dwelling on the loss of my past life, but celebrating it, being grateful that is was so good, and moving on so that I can enjoy my new life here. I guess you could say I had my AH HA moment!

Now if you are going to have Lizards around these are the best kind to have, he is hanging on our outside fireplace.

I love this flower pot, the plant will have white flowers on it when it blooms again.

I know for sure that I still need horses in my life, I am putting it out to the universe to make that happen for me.

I know for sure that I love swimming in the pool, I have always loved to swim so having this pool steps away from my front door is just awesome. The water is just right.

I know for sure that I love the flowers and trees here. My friend Sherry takes me to all the nurseries in town. I told her " you know how guys love hardware stores well you are like that when it comes to nurseries"

Flowers outside of the hotel

Flowers in the garden.

I know for sure that I love having fresh flowers in the house all the time, it makes me smile.

Chili peppers
I know for sure that shopping at the open market is so much better than pushing a shopping cart up and down the aisles of a supermarket!

I know for sure that I still love looking at the mountains here, it is so awesome to be able to sit on the patio and see them, they change all the time with the way the sun and clouds play on them.

Can someone show me how this works, my show is coming on, Animal Planet !

I know for sure that we love the new girl, she is keeping us entertained, and Pancho our other cat likes her too.

And the last thing I know for sure is that time flies when you are having fun, I can't believe that it has been 2 weeks since my last post. Hope you all enjoy this one, till next time Adios !!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

What's new pussy cat ?

Well guess who is getting a new kitty? Yes that's right we are! The cat that is at
the barn had 4 cute kittens, 3 of them are calico's and I have been wanting a calico so it seemed like a universe moment to me. We will pick her up on Wednesday after I finish riding, Her name is going to be Calie, short for calico. I think our cat Pancho will really like her at least we hope so, Pancho is a really good boy so I think they will hit it off. I will let you know how things work out.

Our soon to be new kitty, isn't she just to cute?

Exploring outside her little den.

Her brother, who looks just like the mom.

One of her sisters.

Her other sister, it was hard to chose one they are all so cute!

This picture was taken on Friday, the mountain has fires on it, and no equipment here to get at it, so it just burns.

Horse back riding friend Maureen, on Junior .

Carlos, who owns the horses that we ride, on his stallion, we call his stallion handsome, so when we say hi handsome Carlos answers :)

This is a picture of a cactus plant, it looked like it had white fluffy cotton growing out of it.

Horses on the beach, foals are everywhere!

On Friday morning I woke up early to go Kyacking on the lake with my neighbors Tom, and Mia.
Now I don't like getting up early for to many things but I thought it would be fun, and Tom likes to go early before it gets to hot out. We are able to launch the boats right down the street from our place so it is really easy for us to go out.

That is my neighbor Pete helping us load the kyacks, Tom in the background and Mia.

Mia getting ready to get in her kyack

Mia taking a break from all that paddeling.

Interesting to take pictures of the mountians from the water.

The lake was nice and calm, just a few waves every now and then.

Tom and Mia, they were always ahead of me, this was my first time out so I was a little slow.

Mia and Tom heading back.

Heading back, west shot of the mountians.

I had a great time and I plan on going out again, Mia & Pete were the ones who bought the kyacks, then they took Tom out and he really liked it so he bought one, they sell them at the Costco here. Sherry who is a friend of mine also has two kyacks, so I told her she needs to get them to my place so that we can go out.

Well that's all for now will post again soon. Hope all my followers are doing fine, and thanks for reading my posts.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where does the time go

Where does the time go, it has been one year since we moved here and boy the time
went by so fast. I spent more than my share of months being homesick, but I finally got
over that and then we went back to the states for a visit, and guess what?? Homesick
again :( . I am finally getting over it, thank God ! I am really so tired of being homesick, I know that part of the problem is not living in the present and too much thinking of the past. I am really working hard on trying to live in the present, when I find myself slipping into the past I stop myself and say no, don't go there. I also sometimes think that it is ok to be homesick, I mean what kind of person would I be if I didn't miss, parts of my old life? You find that here in Mexico there a plenty of people who moved here to escape their old life, be it their family, jobs etc. I guess I'm not one of the ones who needed to escape.

Zumba class: Yesterday I went to a Zumba class in the cultural center here in town. So there I am waiting for the teacher to arrive, and all the woman are coming in so I am watching them and I suddenly think to myself OMG I am the only gringa. ( American/Ex-Pat ) Yes that's right 26 woman and me the only blue eyed one in the bunch. Actually my eyes are green, but you get the picture. I was just happy to be able to keep up with the class, but there was one point when I thought, ok I am not going to be able to finish this class. That passed and I must have got my second wind and I Zumbad away. I thought maybe today I would be sore but I wasn't. I plan on going back for some more torture on Friday. Of course the music was full blast, the teacher was really fast and it was mostly Mexican music but it was fun!

Weather: As always it is beautiful everyday, but today we woke up and it was actually cool out. Of course by the afternoon the sun was out and it turned out to be hot. Soon it will be the rainy season, and it will be cloudy all morning but the sun will come out. Everyone here loves the rainy season, the mountains turn so green. It is amazing that the trees and flowers can bloom right now without the rain.

Doing this blog: Now you would think that this should be easy for me by now, but no it's not. I went to start it this afternoon and I couldn't download the pictures, it couldn't connect to the picture site, then if you are not careful about deleting lines you can delete pictures which I did. Then if you have done your typing and want to add pictures again, it will load them on top of your stories, so then I have to move them, boy maybe I should have serve cheese with all this wine!
So now I am thinking about sometimes posting without always adding pictures, it will make my life easier and I would probably post more often. My friend Dale emailed me yesterday and wanted to know when I was doing another post. He keeps me on my toes, as I didn't realize that it had been so long between posts. Like I said time flies.

Can you guess what this sign says just by looking at it? It is telling everyone to clean
up after their dogs. I got a kick out of it.

This is how they repair the cobble stone streets here, pickax, shovel, wheel barrel, sand and hard work. They are working hard to get it done before the rains come.

On Saturday we took a ride to a friend's house in St. Nicholas, it is about a 45 minute ride from here. They have a place on 30 acres, and this was one of the views.

Their gardener owns this turkey, now we know where to get our Thanksgiving dinner.

My friend owns 3 mares, this is Princess, she is 8 and has a 4 year old daughter, which I don't have a picture of because the trainer took her out for a ride. I was invited me back to meet the trainer and to ride, so I will be giving him a call soon.

This mare is up where I ride on Wednesday, and I just realized that I don't know her name, I do however know that this little filly is 2 weeks old in this picture and her nickname is Cami!

I am just too cute !
That's all for now. I will try to be more conscientious, but if I slack off a bit, Dale will see to it that I write something. LOL