Saturday, March 13, 2010

Show jumping at Wellington

On a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning, my friend Chris and I went to Wellington to see show jumping at it's finest. Every year in Wellington they have what is know as the winter circuit where all the top riders from around the world compete. The day that we were there they had a field of 52 riders, 6 of which went clear, now if you don't know anything about jumping, when you have riders that do all the jumps with no rails down, then you have a jump off, they change the course so you are now jumping it differently than the first time and you are timed. That day it was won by a woman, who's name I don't remember. Show jumping is fun to watch, it is amazing how high a horse can jump, sometimes I don't know how those riders stay on. Along with the beautiful horses, were plenty of vendors selling all things related to the horse world , from clothing , to art, to tack. Wellington is a very rich area, and the prices were out of my range, just as well I don't need to be bringing more things to Mexico !!!Hope you all enjoy the pictures,click to enlarge.

A great way to spend the day, watching horses !!!

The horse and rider that won

Cute minature horse (not pony )

Warming up

1st place and 3rd place winners, 3rd place is a rider from Mexico

Me enjoying the day

My Friend Chris

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  1. Great photos from a great day my friend.
    Love you ! Chris