Saturday, April 24, 2010

My emotional roller coaster ride

Gran daughters making brownies with gran pa

Trish and I at lunch

Visiting my girl

Well the last two weeks have been very emotional for me, I've been up and down, overwhelmed, excited, tired, stressed, had some sleepless nights,
and lot's of tears have been shed. It is not easy saying goodbye to all our friends and family. When you decide to move it is the one thing that you may not give to much thought to. I know I didn't , I guess you are so wrapped up in all the things that you have to do, and the decision to move, that you don't think about what it will be like in the final few days before you leave, and how it is going to affect the ones you are leaving behind. Today it was all brought home, painfully when we had to say goodbye to our gran daughters, we had them over night for a final sleepover, and it was a very tearful parting. We will miss them very much, thank god for the Internet, it will be easy to keep in touch and to send pictures back and forth, we even have a web cam so that will help too.
I went out to lunch with my friend, Trish, and during it I cried, boy did I feel stupid!! She asked me if I was sorry that we made the decision to move, and I said no, not all I we just didn't realize how hard it was going to be to leave.
Went and saw my mare last Friday and guess what happened, yes that's right cried again!! but not to much just a few tears, she looked good, and I know my friend loves her very much.
Tomorrow I am going to the beach with my friend Pam who I have know for years, and I know that I will cry, I think it is better to cry than to try and hold back the tears, that takes so much effort, and your face gets all funny, so I just let the water works go. They say that I good cry is good for you , well I should be feeling good for a long time!
The woman who is going to be renting our house is also a friend, she has had her horses here now for 7 years, and I know when I say good bye to her, it will be tearful.
The other day I was packing and my poor husband looked at me, and that was all it took for the tears to start, he is very understanding, but today got to him too.
My friend Helen and I went out on a trail ride on Wednesday, and she told me she hates goodbyes, don't know if we will get another ride in before I leave, but I told her it will be hard to ride the horses and see where we are going if we are both crying!
I told my husband you would think I wouldn't have any tears left, but I know I do.
On Wednesday morning we will be heading down our drive way on our way to our new life, and yes it will happen again but they will be tears of joy, saddness, excitment and to new beginings.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Random Ramblings

Only 16 more days to go before we leave, and I am starting to freak out, are we doing the right thing, are we going to miss the states to much? Are we crazy ? Who's idea was this? What were we thinking, were we thinking??? My friend Jim who lives in Mexico, has told us to take a deep breath and say we are going to LOVE Mexico once we get there, see that's the hard part getting there. I know we will have a great adventure, and I am looking forward to it, but it is a little surreal at times. We have our list of things to do before we leave and everyday we cross something off of it, today we went out and did some errands and tomorrow we need to work on the barn, just a few loose ends to take care of. Next Sunday Billy's aunt is having a small going away party for us, which is very nice of her. We also want to get together with our friends one last time, still things to do but it will all get done. Wednesday night we are going to go over the lease with our new tenants, and get that all taken care of. The one thing that we haven't done is sell the truck, we had a guy come out and look at it the other day so maybe he will buy it. I am keeping my fingers crossed. On Sunday the woman who bought our couch came and picked it up which left us with nothing to sit on, just some patio chairs, but the universe was working and our tenant said we could pick up her couch and chair and use it till she moves in, so that is what we did. We have been blessed with how everything is working out for us, and we hope that it continues that way.

Our gran daughter Brianna playing softball on Saturday

We only have a few more days left here and I hope we get to see one more game.

Practicing outside

Me and Stef

Providence Cheerleaders

My In laws at the beach

Sister in law Deb at the beach

My sister in law flew into town to watch her daughter 's cheer leading competition in Daytona, my mother and law and I went with her, now cheer leading is nothing like it was when I was a cheerleader, there is serious money being spent on this sport !!!! It was fun to watch, I really liked the coed teams.

Now as everyone knows that when you live in Florida and you have out of town guests you have to go to the beach which isn't a problem for us because we happen to love the beach, and as you can see from the photos my in laws still go to the beach with us, which I think is great.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sad Saturday !

It was a sad Saturday for me, it was the day my friend Chris came and got my mare to take her home. Now I knew this day was coming, it was my decision to give my girl to Chris, and I know she will be loved, and cared for, but it still hurt so much. It was hard to groom her up with tears in my eyes, and in bed on Friday night, I cried some more, does anyone know why tears can be hot!!! My tears were really hot.
So Saturday morning was sunny and beautiful, and at 10:30 my friend Chris drove up in the trailer to pick up my girl, it took me a little while to get her to load, she hasn't been in a trailer in a long time, but she was nice and calm for us. I followed them to her new home, so I could make sure she settled in ok. Well we unloaded her and she dropped her head and started grazing, a sure sign of a very relaxed horse, so much for me worrying !!!! We showed her Chris's horses which are in another field, they will all be together in a few days. Everything went well and my friend Chris is very happy and I am still very sad, it is so hard to look at her empty stall, but it is getting better. I will go and see her next week, and I hope that I don't cry, but I guess it will be ok if I do.

Charisma checking out her new home

My friend Chris with Charisma

Chris's horses

First meeting

Me with Charisma

Thursday, April 1, 2010

How Do You Say Goodbye ?

Our Cats Kumba & Furbie

My Arabian with attitude Jakkar

Our dog Dago

My beatiful mare Charisma

The hardest thing for me when it comes to making this move is how to say goodbye? I mean how do I say goodbye to my animals, everyone tells me that it is harder on the human to let go than the animal, and I know in my heart that is true but that doesn't really help me, I think what is helping me deal with this is the fact that I have found them all good homes. My horse Jakkar who I have owned for the past 17 years ( and I kept on telling him all through those years that he was lucky he was so handsome or he would have been sold lot's of times) he is an Arabian with attitude ! he is one lucky horse as he gets to stay here, my beautiful mare Charisma who I have grown to love so much, she is such a special girl, very smart and so willing to please, she is going to have a home with my friend Chris, who will love her just as much as I do, Chris is going to breed her to a beautiful stallion, so we hope she has a beatuiful foal next year, my two cats are going to my grandaughters they will give them much love and attention, and finally our dog Dago, he also gets to stay here, the woman who will be renting our house loves him, and he behaves better for her, she has a way with animals. Knowing that they will be well taken care of helps but it still hurts.