Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yard Sale Success

Well we finally had our yard sale !!! It was hard work getting everything ready for it, deciding what we were going to sell, what to price it at, putting signs up, putting an ad in the paper, and finally the day arrives. The night before I was wondering if I would feel bad having people looking at our things and buying them, but I didn't, I guess I am really ready to move on with our lives. One lady asked me if I was going to miss all my things and I told her no, it was just stuff, she told me she liked my attitude. Everyone asked us "so where are you moving to? and I have to say that when we told them Mexico they all thought it was pretty exciting, some said you mean New Mexico, so we would say no we mean Mexico. I think there are a plenty of people out there who would love to have the courage to move or to do something exciting with their lives before it is to late, but they are just afraid to step out of that comfort zone, that we all like to be in. This was not an easy decision for us to make, and it will be hard to say goodbye to what we have here (stay tuned for that post) but we want to have an adventure while we can, while we have our health and the desire to explore a new way of life. Ok!!! I am way off track here, back to the yard sale, it was a great day, beautiful weather,nice people, and we sold lot's of stuff, and even with selling things I still have 5 bags going to goodwill tomorrow. We did sell some of our furniture so we are very happy about that. I was so busy talking to everyone that I forgot to take pictures so I only have two to post but I guess that is better than none. One other good thing is that my house is no longer a mess it is now mostly empty, and when I look around I say OMG we are really going to do this ! Next thing will be the packing, I'll keep you all updated on that, and thanks to all of you who are reading my blog, and to those who comment on it, it is great to know that people are reading and enjoying it. Who Knew??


  1. Glad it went well!!!!! Little sister

  2. Hi Cheryl, Great post. I am so happy you had a successful sale and you were able to release all that stuff without feeling any attachment. Another hurdle is past for you...... You are almost here. Patricia

  3. Whaaah! We will miss C & B but we also get to visit! Being their current neighbors, we've seen them go through all the stages. We even spent their first week in Ajijic with them though we stayed in different places. We think they will do well and wish them continuing helps of good fortune. Eric & Jeanne