Thursday, February 25, 2010

getting ready

Ok I have to admit that doing a blog requires finding time to write, and right now I am having trouble doing that. For anyone who has moved, and that should include everyone on the planet, this is work!!! What should we keep, what gets sold, what to throw out, you think well someone might want this piece of junk, you know what they say one mans trash is another mans treasure, sure hope so, we are planning a moving day sale in March, and I hope Lot's of people show up to buy our trash oops I mean treasures!! Meanwhile my garage is looking very crowded, it will sure look empty after the sale. I think I have cleaned out my closets and drawers 3 times now, it is just amazing how much stuff one has, everyone has told me not to bring lot's of stuff with us to Mexico, and in our case that won't be hard to do, we are only bringing what will fit in the back of our Escape, new life new beginning new stuff!!!
One of the reasons why we are moving is to get away from the mind set of having way more than one could possibly need. When you go to a country like Mexico and see how little you need to survive, you come back with different mind set, or at least some of us do. That really happened to me when we went to Costa Rica for a visit, very happy people living there without out all the frills.
Getting back to all the work that we are doing, trying to get everything together for the tenants, yesterday my husband, son, and tenant fixed some of the fence posts that were just about to fall over, we live on 3 acres with 2 barns so there is always plenty to do around here, another reason why we are moving. 15 years here and we are tired, time for some young blood to manage the place. Well that is it for this blog, I will try to write more often.


  1. Hello, just found your blog through Mexico Daily Living. I was wondering when do you plan on driving? We are driving, our first time to Mexico and leaving on the 30th of March. We are going through Nogales.

  2. Hi Brenda, If you read this please send me your email address and we can talk, we are driving the end of April, good luck let us know how the trip went. Where are you going to live when you get there?

  3. hi cheryl, im andre moore and my wife and i love your blogs, we are planning a trip to lake chapala, in may and would love to meet you, and pick your brain on all things mexico. we are in our late 40's , my wife turns the big 50 in feb, me 49 in jan. i would love for you to email me if possible to stay in contact with you we would like to retire in lake chapala, and we are talking to many people there. my email is can't wait to hear from you. thanks a bunch! andre and pam moore