Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Learning to live in Mexico

When you live in Mexico there are a few things you have to get used to , well really there are many things you have to get used to . What kind of things you may ask, well like when you see a whole bunch of people riding in the back of a pick up truck, or a mother, father, and kids all on a motor bike. One of the things I like, and there are many, many things here to like, but one is when you go to the bank and you can bring your dog in with you, now that is pretty cool. No one say's anything. I also really like how everyone here is so friendly, you can smile at people with out them thinking that you are weird, well they still might think that but you know what I mean. Anyway I am off track, I was saying what we have to get used to, last night we had a big storm, lights flickering on and off, tv signal went out, this was around 10 so we went to bed, got up this morning stripped the bed, turned on the washer nothing !!! no water going in, noticed the lights were not very bright, we were having what is known here as a brown out, that means you have some power but not alot, not enough for the washer to work, ok I'll do it later, went to heat up water for my oatmeal in the microwave, no not happening, not a problem we have a gas stove, I'll do it the old fashion way and use the stove, wrong, it has an electric start, just when I was going to hunt down some matches to light it, I heard running water, what the hell is that I said to myself, well it was the sound of the washer filling up! brown out over, we were lucky this time, sometimes they can last a long time. One thing to remember during rainey season is don't have to much food in the frezzer, you may lose it, and right now as I am typing this I can hear thunder in the distance, hope the lights stay on !!! Hasta Luego

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Learning how to RELAX !!!

I never thought I would have to learn how to relax, I mean isn't that something that just comes natural to people? Well I guess not at least for me it was something that I had to work at which sounds really funny. I talked to some of my friends about this, how when I first arrived here, I was still in the go mode, one friend told me that when he first met me which was 2 years ago, I was very much in the go mode, seems I've settled down quite a bit since then. I guess I should
have expected this, I mean you can't really go from having 2 jobs, horses a house, husband , grandkids and everything else in life, and then all of a sudden everything is gone except the husband he is still here (which is a good thing) to waking up in the morning and saying ok, now what, or what the hell am I doing here ???? A question I no longer ask myself. Everyone I talked to about this told me that I was ahead of the game it usually takes people 3 months to learn how to relax, well finally something that I am a head of the curve on !! So now I can relax, I don't have to fill up every minute with something to do or some where to go, today I just relaxed, I read my book, did my nails, pet the cat, had a good dinner, and now after I post this it's off to bed. Yes it is nice to relax and I am enjoying it !

Me relaxing !

Suki the cat, we can all take a lesson on how to relax from cats.

Our star light, I love these, couldn't wait to get one, it makes me smile
when I look at it, it is really beautiful at night when it is lit up.
Hope you all enjoyed the post and that you learn how to relax.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Our Trip To Costco

Yesterday it rained, so we decided to take a short road trip to the Costco
in GDL. It was easy to find and it was a good way to spend the day, not to
mention our money!!

On the road agian
The Mega store is in the same parking lot, so we went there too. Mega stores
are like the Walmart in the states.

Some of the views on the way to GDL.

Road work, we had to wait in line for a few minutes, but not bad.

We found this machine interesting, for those of you who don't know what
Cebolla means it is the Spanish word for onion, you turn the handle on
the right and onions come out on the left, how clever !

These gentlemen were celebrating Mexico's win over France !!

Look what we found !!!The best brownie mix in the whole world, not that I
need to be eating brownies but they are sooo good. Of course Billy making
brownies here won't be the same without the gran daughters to help, I want
to stir, can I do the eggs, she's eating the batter gran pa , are they cool
enough to eat yet ? etc. We miss that !

Now whoever thought up the idea of charging people to be able to spend
money in their store was a marketing genius. I think we signed up because
Billy found big cans of sea clams that he uses for his delicious clam chowder,
I am looking forward to having some of that, maybe we will have the
brownies for dessert? Being in Costco was just like being back in the states,
they tell me that you can't use your Mexico Costco in the states but you can use
your states Costco here in Mexico, I know, I know that doesn't make sense to me either but that's what they tell me. I told Billy that
Costco will be very busy during the holidays.
Well that's all for this post, hope you enjoyed our day at Costco,
yes it is a slow life we live here in Mexico !!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunday at the park in Jocotepec

On Sunday we decided to go to the park at Jocotepec, a small town on the lake, about 20 minutes west of us. We brought along our friends Pat & Dale, Dale had never seen the park and he thought it was a really nice spot. A beatuiful sunny day to just chill out and enjoy ourselves, something that we do lot's of here! We brought some chairs, the cooler and our camera, oh yes the camera, I was taking pictures for my blog, and all of a sudden I see on the screen Memory full, I'm like WHAT!! so Billy looks at it and said, you must not have the chip in it, so I look and sure enough no chip !! it is in the card reader at the house!! I did bring a spare battery does that count? Now this is the second time I have done this, oh no wait the last time the battery wasn't in it!! One of these days I will get it all together, I will let you all know when that happens, don't hold your breath. Anyway as you can see I did manage to take some pictures of our day. Hope you enjoy them. Don't forget you can click on them to make them bigger, especially the horse ones!

Fish fountian : the kids love to play under these .

Standing in line for some really good ice cream. I love the homemade ice cream here.

Beautiful horses: These two pictures are for all my horse friends, there are some really nice horses here.

Pretty girl on a pretty horse

Just made, hot off the grill shrimp on a stick, so good, you can put lime juice and
chili powder on them , did I mention how good they are????

Billy and Dale

Billy and his new hat, I think he looks rather good in it, he has gone Mexician, no more baseball hats!

For their playground they have exercise equipment that you play on, after my shrimp
and Ice cream, a workout was in order! Pat was trying to help me out, but all she got for her trouble was a broken nail, lucky for her I had a nail file on hand, go figure !!! ( inside joke )

Boats having Sunday off.