Monday, March 29, 2010

Saturday Morning Trail Ride

My friend Helen and I were going to go on a Poker run on Saturday but we decided to just ride the horses in our neighbourhood instead. Which is Lot's easier than getting them loaded, driving to the place, riding on the trail then loading them up again,and driving home. We could spend that time riding !! Of course we didn't get to see all the people and their horses but life is a compromise. Since we have had so much rain here we thought we would ride in a subdivision that has nice quiet streets and big grassy shoulders for the horses. It has been a long time since I rode in this subdivision and the new houses are beautiful. Along the way we saw the two horses in the first picture they were very friendly. We also visited an Alpaca ranch but my pictures of them did not come out, I was on my horse trying to take pictures, which is very hard to do when your horse does not want to stand still. The Alpaca's were very cute, and the owner told us that you can have their coats sheared and just show the coats at shows and win ribbons. They shear them once a year. We rode for two hours and it was a beautiful day for it, nice sunshine, warm breeze, good conversation, it doesn't get better than that. I shall miss my friend Helen and our trail rides.

Friendly Horses

Reward Time grazing on the front lawn

Bath Time

Heading Out

Helen On Sonter

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yard Sale Success

Well we finally had our yard sale !!! It was hard work getting everything ready for it, deciding what we were going to sell, what to price it at, putting signs up, putting an ad in the paper, and finally the day arrives. The night before I was wondering if I would feel bad having people looking at our things and buying them, but I didn't, I guess I am really ready to move on with our lives. One lady asked me if I was going to miss all my things and I told her no, it was just stuff, she told me she liked my attitude. Everyone asked us "so where are you moving to? and I have to say that when we told them Mexico they all thought it was pretty exciting, some said you mean New Mexico, so we would say no we mean Mexico. I think there are a plenty of people out there who would love to have the courage to move or to do something exciting with their lives before it is to late, but they are just afraid to step out of that comfort zone, that we all like to be in. This was not an easy decision for us to make, and it will be hard to say goodbye to what we have here (stay tuned for that post) but we want to have an adventure while we can, while we have our health and the desire to explore a new way of life. Ok!!! I am way off track here, back to the yard sale, it was a great day, beautiful weather,nice people, and we sold lot's of stuff, and even with selling things I still have 5 bags going to goodwill tomorrow. We did sell some of our furniture so we are very happy about that. I was so busy talking to everyone that I forgot to take pictures so I only have two to post but I guess that is better than none. One other good thing is that my house is no longer a mess it is now mostly empty, and when I look around I say OMG we are really going to do this ! Next thing will be the packing, I'll keep you all updated on that, and thanks to all of you who are reading my blog, and to those who comment on it, it is great to know that people are reading and enjoying it. Who Knew??

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My house is a mess !!!

Garage is getting full

boxes are taking over

My house is a mess and I don't like it ! I have boxes everywhere, nothing is staying clean, you might think I was moving or something!!! Everyday I find something else that is not making the trip,so it goes in the yard sale pile. We spent last Sunday setting up some tables in the garage, and pricing items, when I get home from work on Friday we sill set up the rest outside on the driveway, I want to be ready for the early birds, that we told not to show up early when we ran the ad in the paper, but you know how people don't listen. I think some people think that the rules don't apply to them. It is going to be a nice warm weekend so we should get a good crowd, you know how everyone loves a bargain. On another note my friend Patricia was kind enough to post my blog address on her blog, she has lot's of people checking in on her daily events in Ajijic, that is how we met her, very nice lady, of course I know she is reading this, Hi Patricia ! Well got to run and eat some dinner I will let you all know how the yard sale went.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Show jumping at Wellington

On a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning, my friend Chris and I went to Wellington to see show jumping at it's finest. Every year in Wellington they have what is know as the winter circuit where all the top riders from around the world compete. The day that we were there they had a field of 52 riders, 6 of which went clear, now if you don't know anything about jumping, when you have riders that do all the jumps with no rails down, then you have a jump off, they change the course so you are now jumping it differently than the first time and you are timed. That day it was won by a woman, who's name I don't remember. Show jumping is fun to watch, it is amazing how high a horse can jump, sometimes I don't know how those riders stay on. Along with the beautiful horses, were plenty of vendors selling all things related to the horse world , from clothing , to art, to tack. Wellington is a very rich area, and the prices were out of my range, just as well I don't need to be bringing more things to Mexico !!!Hope you all enjoy the pictures,click to enlarge.

A great way to spend the day, watching horses !!!

The horse and rider that won

Cute minature horse (not pony )

Warming up

1st place and 3rd place winners, 3rd place is a rider from Mexico

Me enjoying the day

My Friend Chris

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Trail Riding

me on Charisma

Helen On Rose

Today was a beautiful day for a trail ride,sun was out, not to hot, just a little breeze, good to go. I go out and groom up my horse, get him all tacked up, have a few minutes before I need to head out and meet my trail riding buddy Helen, so I decide to have my horse do some work on line, ask for his trot, oh no he's lame on his front leg !!! ok what to do, friend does not have a cell phone, I look over and there's my mare looking at me, ok girl your it. Now I don't ride my mare Charisma on the trail, because I have lost allot of my confidence on her since our trail riding accident, but I do ride her in our ring, and we have been getting our confidence back, I didn't have time to think about riding her I just saddled her up and off we went. Well she did great, and I did great, we had a good time out there, the only bad thing was her and Helen's horse Rose do not like each other, they are both alfa mares, but we just don't let them get to close to each other. My trail riding time with Helen is getting very short, we have been riding together for years now and I will really miss her.

A Simple Phone Call Please

The telephone is a wonderful invention, it makes our life so easy, you push a few
buttons and like magic you are connected, but with this magic a few responsibilities should be followed. I work at a local spa as a nail tech and everyday people call in and make their appointments, great phones ring people coming in, spa is making money, but what happens when after you make that appointment, suppose you decide for whatever reason not to show up, and not bother to pick up that wonderful device with those easy to push buttons, the magic of the connection, to cancel your appointment! Now your nail tech who's last client was at 4 has been waiting for you to show up for your appointment at 6 , lucky she had her book with her Three Cups of Tea. Yes we did try to call you and we had a fax number so that didn't work. This happens to all of us at one time or another. So when you make an appointment with someone and you can't make it please pick up that magical device and give us a call. After all it's just a simple phone call.