Tuesday, July 27, 2010

True Confessions

Ok I have to confess, Bless me father, no, no, not that kind of confession, just time to confess a few things, or should I say admit to a few things. First Confession, when we first moved here I would wake up in the morning and say to myself, self, what the hell are you doing in Mexico, I mean are you crazy? Did you make a mistake by moving here, did we give up to much to make this change? Now I don't ask myself that question anymore, why you ask? good question. I believe that it has to do with getting adjusted to life here, and making new friends. My friend Elaine was kind enough to invite me into her circle of friends, we get together for ladies night, everyone brings something to eat, and we play Mexican train (a domino game) through this group I met Sherry (a horse lover ) and she introduced me to her friends, (some are on my post on horseback riding) . A few of us even got together and went to the movies. On Wednesday night it only costs $2.00 !!! Last week Billy and I were out, doing errands and he ran into two of his card playing buddies, and the other night, we were out walking, and we ran into a couple that we just met at a pot luck supper, it was held where we will be living in October, so they will be new neighbors . Did I mention that Ajijic is a small town! So going out, and seeing people that you know helps, at least it does for us. 2nd Confession ! I did not love it here right away, now some people that you talk to say "oh I knew right away that I wanted to live here", not me ! I liked it, and I liked it enough to move here and give it a try, I can say that I loved Florida right away, but as time went by things change and so did we, anyway getting back to here, I am slowly learning to love it here, which I think in the long run may be better for me. 3rd Confession I no longer get up in the morning and complain if the sun is not out, because , I now know that more often than not, at some point during the day,the sun will come out. Of course that means I might start out the morning dressed in jeans and tee shirt, and then I will have to change into my shorts, oh how awful is that ? 4th Confession I love the mountains here, they are changing all the time, right now they are a beautiful dark green, and sometimes they have clouds just sitting on top of them, last night we had a storm come through,and you could watch the mountains dissapear from view, just so different from Florida. Hard to believe that on August 1st we have been here 3 months ! Where did the time go ? It is just flying by ! 5th Confession I love the rolls here, now I blame my mother for that one, she loved her bread too, and I think I may have picked up that gene, I like them so much that the bathroom scale is trying to tell me that it is time to stop eating those, warm, soft, delicious babies, I'll let you know if that happens! Speaking of eating, yesterday Billy and I stopped at one of the many local roadside restaurants for some lunch, the woman gave us a sample of the meat she was using and it was delicious, so he ordered the soup and I had two tacos, we finish eating, and I look over at the sign on the side of the building, and there is a picture of a goat on it, I said to Billy I think we just had our first meal of goat meat! when we paid our bill we asked the girl, in our limited Spanish, was that goat meat? and she said Si, now I know some of you are saying oh gross !!! let me tell you it was really good, and would I eat it again? Si ! 6th Confession, there are still people, places, and things that I miss, but when I find myself going there, I try and change my thoughts, or I try looking at it from a different angle. I know nothing good can come from dwelling on the past, so I try not to go there. All we have is the present moment, so I practice staying in it, not easy to do, that is why it takes practice. 7Th Confession, this is a good one, I have learned how to relax, it is so awesome, no more getting up to an alarm clock, I can go to bed when I feel like it, why last week I even ate dessert before dinner ! ( I am turning into a real Rebel ) LOL !!! Well my last confession, I wrote this while I was relaxing on the lounger, in the sun, so now I have to get my warm, relaxed body upstairs to type it, so that you all can read it, and as you can see I did just that! Adios !

Soooo Good, too Good !!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Market Day

For the past two months I have been taking pictures of the local markets , around lakside. They each have something different to offer so it is hard to say which one is my favorite. I like them all for different reasons. Chapala's is on Monday, and it is big, really big, you have lot's to choose from, and I like the fact that they have their prices on display. My favorite thing to buy there is the sweet potatoes, a man goes around selling them from his wheelbarrow, and boy are they ever good. After we are done walking around the market, we go to the central market, where we buy our meat, we usually buy enough for two weeks. We bought some ham there that was some of the best I have ever had, I bet it was really fresh !( all this talk of food is making me hungry! ) On Wednesday we have our market in Ajijic, it is small, and the walkways are very narrow, don't know what it will be like to try and get around once the snowbirds get here. I do like getting my flowers there, and we always get a slice of pizza for lunch, we have found that the prices at Ajijc market are on the high side. When we are done there I go to the Boston Deli and pick up two dinners to go, the food there is so good and very inexpensive. On Thursday it is market day in Jocotepec, we always do lunch at the same vendor, good food and nice people. We think the Joco. market sells the best nuts , sometimes they are still hot! Last time we were in Jocotepec, we ventured down some side streets, we found that the mom and pop stores were very inexpensive, also saw the town square for the first time, very nice. Well like I said all this talk of food is making me hungry, I think I will head downstairs and have some dinner. Till next time !

Chapala vendor

Plenty of bras to chose from, but where do you try them on?

Clowning around

Cute Puppies for sale

Music to go with your shopping

Our favorite lunch vendor

Fresh veggies !!

Cute picture

More fresh veggies

Billy checking out the drinks

Barbie doll dresses

Friday, July 9, 2010

Horseback riding !

Today I went horseback riding with 4 other women, Sherry, Celina, Izzy and Janet. Celina took us out on a two hour trail ride. The scenery was just beautiful, along the way we saw herds of horses out in the fields and plenty of foals. The biggest red tail hawk that I have seen, flew by, I wished I had taken his picture, maybe next time ! It was great talking to other women that have moved here, and to get to know their stories of why they moved here and where they are from. After our ride we were all hungry, so we went to this little hole in the wall restaurant that served great pizza. I had a wonderful day with these ladies and I hope to ride with them again real soon.

Me on Rocket, he was a good boy, and fun to ride

Sherry on the paint, and Izzy on her horse.

Clouds on the mountains

Horses roaming free

Beautiful secenry

Sherry and Janet

Going down the trail

Celina and Sherry leading the way

Happy Trails To You !!!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Hair Raising Experience

Warning : the following pictures may cause laughing, which could result in tears rolling down your face, which may or may not cause your mascara to run, in either case I will not be held responsible . Viewer Discretion is Advised !

I am still gettiing the hang of blogging, so these pictures loaded from last to first, which is not the way I wanted them but hey, life isn't perfect !

As I looked at my hair in the mirror, I couldn't help but notice that it was time to do my roots. Well now is a good time, I have nothing to do and it is raining, so no time like the present. I get all the product out of the box and proceed to apply the color to my hair, in no time at all I was done, just had to wait for the color to process, meanwhile the rain was starting to get it on. I looked in the mirror and a random thought flashed across my brain, if the power goes out how the hell will I wash this mess out. Well dear readers, as you can guess that is just what happened !! So now I have this messy red color on top of my head that now needs to be rinsed out, so what to do? I know I will catch some rain water and use it to rinse this out. I went out on the patio and put my bucket out, the wind is blowing, the rain is cold and I am getting wet ! I turn around to go back in the house and the wind, blew the door shut, I start banging on the door so that Billy will let me in and it dawns on me that there is no way for him to hear me, with the wind and the rain, plus he is upstairs, at this point I start laughing, I mean what else can a girl do ? I ran around to the front of the house and let myself in, collected my rain water then rinsed my hair out. Two hours later the power came back on and I took a nice warm shower and rinsed my hair out again. So, now,I have learned
another lesson, do not color your hair during a rain storm, you never know how bad the storm will be, and when that power might go out, I tell you it is enough to make a girl stop coloring her hair at home, well maybe not !!

Me all finished !!!

What a mess I'm making !

Rain water ready to go

How I collected my rain water

Don't I look so cute with that mess on top of my head?