Saturday, March 6, 2010

Trail Riding

me on Charisma

Helen On Rose

Today was a beautiful day for a trail ride,sun was out, not to hot, just a little breeze, good to go. I go out and groom up my horse, get him all tacked up, have a few minutes before I need to head out and meet my trail riding buddy Helen, so I decide to have my horse do some work on line, ask for his trot, oh no he's lame on his front leg !!! ok what to do, friend does not have a cell phone, I look over and there's my mare looking at me, ok girl your it. Now I don't ride my mare Charisma on the trail, because I have lost allot of my confidence on her since our trail riding accident, but I do ride her in our ring, and we have been getting our confidence back, I didn't have time to think about riding her I just saddled her up and off we went. Well she did great, and I did great, we had a good time out there, the only bad thing was her and Helen's horse Rose do not like each other, they are both alfa mares, but we just don't let them get to close to each other. My trail riding time with Helen is getting very short, we have been riding together for years now and I will really miss her.


  1. Hi Cheryl, Wish I weren't so afraid of falling off a horse. It looks like so much fun to ride. Patricia

  2. Hi Patricia, It is fun to ride I love it, I will take you out if you want to go.