Friday, May 28, 2010

Our home for the next four months

One of the views from the upstairs patio, there are three patios in this house, two up and one down, we are not going to want to move from here !!!

Our living room, with a view of the patio

My spot to read and relax !!

The master bedroom, the cut outs in the walls are lights, they look really pretty at night.

The patio, we really love it out here!

Looking into the kitchen from the living room

Our dining room table, Elaine bought me the flowers they are beautiful !

Hope you all enjoy the pictures, this is a really nice home and we are getting spoiled living in it, we hope our 4 months don't go by to fast.

This is a flower garden in the corner of the yard, this picture is not the best, it is much prettier, in the morning there is usually a humming bird feeding on the flowers.

Billy grooming Micky, he loves being groomed and going for walks !

There is a swallows nest on one of the patio's this nest has two baby birds in it, he is waiting for his mom to come and feed him.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm back !!!!! with new pictures

Hi everyone, I finally have time to do this post, Billy and I have been very busy getting ourselfs
set up in our new home, well our home for the next 4 months, hope you enjoy the pictures, now that this post is done I plan on doing one on our house. Hope you all enjoy the pictures !

Little girls on their way home from school, this is why you have to bring your camera with you all the time, you never know what you will find around the corner !

Our friend Patricia, she writes a blog called Mexciodailyliving, and she has a huge following, check it out, great pictures , and you will even see Billy and I on it once in awhile !

This is my favorite fruit stand, the fruit is cut up fresh, and you can pick what you want, only 200 pesos !! and so good !

Me and Hubby 35 years together !!

Our friends Elaine and Luis, they own Ajijic Suites, a great place to stay

Billy at our plazza in Ajijic

Market day in Chapala, I thought this was an intersting way to use your car !

The beach on a Sunday in Chapala

Me ejoying the day

Monday, May 10, 2010

Pictures of our journey

These are just some of the pictures that I took on our journey, they are not in order, sorry! It was hard work getting these posted, as I am not on my computer, hope you all enjoy them, I know I had fun taking them. Don't forget if you click on the pictures they will enlarge.

Crossing the boarder, into our new life.

Our first view of the lake, a very welcome site, almost there!!!

These two pictures are for all my horsey friends !!!!!

Hotel that we stopped at, halfway point in Mexico, felt good to relax

Small dust cloud, it is very dry right now.

Awesome views, took these pictures from the car.

The secenery in Mexico

The sign says it all

The City of Houston, they drive crazy here !!

First rest stop in Texas!!!

The Mississippi River

All Packed up and ready to hit the road !!!

We didn't get to bring everything we wanted to, oh well there are stores here.

We couldn't get another thing in here !!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our Journey

Wednesday Morning: We woke up at 7:00, thought it would take about 2 hours to finish packing the odds and ends of the house up, and get the car packed, wrong so wrong ! It took us 4 hours before we got on the road. When we went to pack up the car we realized that we weren't going to be able to bring everything, so some things got left behind, let's face it most of my stuff got left behind! There are lot's of stores here so I can just buy what I can't live without. I sent Billy to Walmart in the morning to buy some space saver bags so we could fit more in the car, and he came home with a new camera, which we needed, our old one up and died on us. I like this new camera better than the old one, this one is easier to use.
I am taking notes for my blog while Billy drives, it's the only way I will remember everything.So far we haved stopped twice, and we have been in the car for 6 hours, and we are still in Florida! This is a big ass state.
7:30 Stopped for something to eat
8:30 We are now in the central time zone, it is chilly up here.
10:45 We are now in Alabama going to stop here for the night we are very tired, we thought the state of Florida would never end.
Thursday morning slept in, we are not in a hurry , went next store to the Waffle house for breakfast.
10:15 Back on the road again, we have been playing with the Ipod, it let's you do email, but the keys are so tiny it is just easier to check your emails on it, and of course listening to the music is great. I have also been playing with the camera, figuring out how to use it.
1:00 stopped for a much needed break, we went to a Best Buy and bought a charger for the Ipod, bought some gas.
1:45 Back on the road again
5:00 Texas, stopped at the first rest area, , 3 hours in the car we need a break, today the weather was cloudy with some showers but not bad for driving. Driving through Houston, was a little nerve racking, the drivers drive really fast, tail gate, and don't know how to use their blinkers !!!!
7:30 Stopped for the night at a Comfort Inn, very nice hotel, beds are super comfortable, they have a business area with computers so we could check our emails, see who was missing us,lol
actually a few friends did say they were missing us and that made me sad.
8:00 Woke up, we have been sleeping very well I guess that is because we are so tired ! Had breakfast at the hotel, it's included, they had a good selection of breakfast foods to choose from, even a waffle machine, so we had fresh waffles, with fruit.
10:00 Back on the road again, our drive to Larado should be about 5 hours, so today will be an easy day for us., The day started out a little rainy but it is clearing up.
1:00 Stopped for a bathroom break, and lunch. another 3 hour long drive.
4:00 Larado !!!!! Stopped at their rest area, really nice place, beautiful out and hot !
5:00 Went to the mall in Larado, yes you read that right the mall, we had a request from the man who's house we are going to be house sitting, he wanted a Martha Stewart blanket, king size, now just to let you all know Kmart does not sell MS anymore, just Macy's , Billy did find one at our mall in Florida, but it was 120.00 I said that is crazy, so we decided to wait, and it turns out that was a good idea, they were on sale at 50% off !!! Also going to the mall worked out great because behind it was plenty of hotels to chose from, we stayed at another Comfort Inn, this one wasn't as nice as the first one, as a matter of fact we had to request new sheets for the bed, seems like the maid didn't do her job !!
When Billy checked us in they gave us room # 119 (cue the twilight zone music ) this was the same room # at the last hotel !!!
Another good thing that happened because we went to the mall, was finding an Olive Garden, we wanted to use our gift card up before we left the states, and there it was. So the universe is still working for us.
6:30 Saturday morning up !!!!
8:30 Crossed over the boarder, went to immigration office, filled out our paper work, got our car permit and exchanged our money for pesos, and on our way we went. Very few people were there so it was all done quickly, and that was great. Now on the other side of the road people were crossing into the states and that line of cars and trucks was really long !!!
12:30 Stopped for a bathroom break, and some gas, bought some snacks.
3:45 We reached Matehuala, this is where most people stop for the night, you don't want to drive at night, to many animals out there, and no street lights. The hotel we stayed at was the most expensive one so far and not the nicest , they know they are the only good game in town so they charge you for it. They did have a nice pool which we hung out by and just relaxed, the weather was beautiful. This day was stressful for us so getting to relax felt really good.
7:30 Sunday morning: We know that this is our last day of driving, we are both excited, and ready for this driving to be over with !!! When we stepped outside this morning we were cold you forget how much the temperature goes down when you are in the mountains.
8:30 Stopped at a local hole in the wall for breakfast, we asked for some coffee, and she brought us two cups of hot water, the coffee was instant, I can't remember the last time I had that, but it wasn't that bad, we had a plate of fruit for breakfast, then back on the road.
I just told Billy that I am surprised that I am not stir crazy after all this time in the car, I did bring a book to read, and all the notes I took for my blog helped keep me busy. Billy did all the driving, he said that he felt better behind the wheel , so I said fine by me !! His knee did start hurting from keeping it bent for such long stretches at a time, but it is doing better now.
We are driving in the mountains now and the views are beautiful, along the road you see animals tied up and grazing, or you see farmers with their herds letting them graze, we have seen horses, goats and cows doing this.
10:20 Bathroom break and some snacks really nice rest area, we bought some real coffee here.
1:20 Another break, in the field next door were some mares with their foals, I took a few pictures of them for my horsey friends.
We finally hit some roads that were bad, only about an hour of them for all this time of driving, not bad at all, we were amazed at how good the roads were in Mexico. It is only 1:28 right now and I feel as though we have been driving all day, I guess I am ready for this to be over with.
We finally reach GDL lot's of traffic, but we are not in it for to long before we start seeing signs for Chapala, and Ajijic, yes almost there.
4:15 FINALLY HERE!!!!Ajijic Suites It has been a great trip no problems, beautiful weather and the car rode great, we are so tired !! now we just have to unload it and then we get to rest, and go grab something to eat.
8:00 All settled in and very happy to be here.
Hope you have enjoyed reading about our journey, I will be posting pictures soon, since I am on the hotel computer and I don't know how everything works the pictures will have to wait. I will try and post them asapa.