Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where does the time go ?

Where does the time go?

I wish I knew the answer to that one. We have been here for 6 months now, and the time has gone by so fast for us. I had a friend from Florida tell me that for her it seems like I have been gone forever. I thought that was nice that she misses me, but for me the time is flying by. I guess it is because here everything is new to us. Life is going good, the weather is great. It has been cold at night so now the pool water is to cold to go in. The days are nice and sunny, great riding weather. I have been going riding now once a week, so I am a happy camper, ( I wonder where that saying comes from ) Billy's Spanish is coming along really well, he talks to everyone, and listens! We do plan on taking some lessons, I have a friend who knows a teacher so we will be having a group lesson as soon as the details can be worked out. We had our first party here, and everyone had a great time, so we will be having more of them in the future.
Our friends from Florida, who are here checking it out, like it so much that they have decided to take the plunge and move here, they go back the end of December to pack their house up, I don't envy that part, but like I told them one step at a time.
There is a hotel on the front part of the property here and in season it fills up with snowbirds, we met one couple from Canada, Kathy and Rick very nice people, this is their 4th year of coming to Mexico to escape the cold, they will be leaving on Friday to go to the beach and will be back in Febuary, we will miss them. Last night we all got together for a pot luck supper and we met another couple who just arrived, this is their 3rd time back here. It is going to be so much fun making new friends here!
Weight: I was over my friend Sherry's house last week and I noticed she had a bathroom scale, so I decided to weigh myself, well it gave me a reading that I really liked. I asked her if it was right and she said it was so I was very happy, thinking that I had shed some pounds. Fast forward to yesterday, my friend Jeanne had a scale, weighed myself on it ( now you think I would have been smart to just be happy with my first weigh in and leave it alone, ohhh no, not to be ) this scale has me 10lbs heavier!!! So now what do I do, should I try and find another scale, or should I just not care? I know what Billy would say, " are you happy, don't worry about it"
I will let you all know what happens, really if I do weigh what Jeanne's scale says I need to lose some pounds. Don't want to lose the girlish figure LOL!
Missing things:
Last night I was talking to hubby about what we miss in Florida, turns out I miss lot's of stuff! I try not to dwell on it. I do love it here, but you just can't turn the switch off, we spent 20 years in Florida, most of them good times! but our place was getting the better of us so we decided to move on. Lucky for us we have great tenants in our house, young blood, for all the chores that need to be done. LOL Well I need to wrap this up and go get myself ready to ride. Talk to you next week.

The view from our friend Sherry's house

This critter was found in our laundry room, we managed to get him outside.

This butterfly landed on my hand and stayed there for about 5 minutes, never had that happen before. This is one of the colts at the ranch, he is 10 months old

This is a stallion at the ranch playing with another colt this one is 8 months old
Too Cute
Our kitty playing with the cat from upstairs

This little dog was so nice, I wanted to take her home!
This picture was taken on one of our rides

Shot in town, thought it was pretty scene

Video is of our leak under the floor, what a mess! but it is all cleaned up now. They did a great job of putting it back together.

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  1. HI Cheryl, Beautiful photos. Interesting post. Thank you and Billy for bringing me dinner last night and keeping me company. I am so bored of staying in this stupid chair all the time. Your friend, Patricia