Saturday, November 20, 2010

This and That

Today's post is just about this and that. Sometimes I know exactly what I want to say, but today is not one of them. I might be feeling a little down, ok, lets be honest I am feeling a little down. Why you ask, good question, If I knew I would change how I feel. It could be that I am feeling a little homesick, I guess, with the holidays coming up it is understandable that I would feel this way. I am starting to find out that even though people move here, their lives are still not happy or the way they thought their lives would go. I guess that saying is true "no matter where you go there you are" so if you are not happy with your life in general you won't be happy just because you live somewhere else. I wonder sometimes why people make the choices that they do, some people seem to live in a world of drama, others just keep on making bad decisions. I read a quote just recently that said "change your story, change your life" words for some people to take to heart. Now I don't want you all to think that I am not happy here, I am very happy here, just missing things from my old life. I still miss my horses, but then, they are not my horses anymore, I do get to ride once a week, but I miss not training them, or hearing them whinney at me in the morning, and the wonderful sound of the trains I used to hear has been replaced by the sound of the church bells ringing, which are very nice, too. I also didn't realize how much I missed our cats until we had a kitten arrive in our lifes. He is getting spoiled! Ok, are you thinking give us some good stuff? Get off the pity party train! Well the weather here is just so great, you can plan a party and not worry about it rainning, it won't rain now until May. We get to watch all the tv shows 1 hour earlier! and I haven't been watching tv like I used to in the states, and yes we get tv here! and yes it is in English. Tonight we are going to the plaza to listen to the bands play. All week there is a fiesta going on, they tell me that they will be partying till the wee hours! I love hearing all the music, they love to have big, loud bands!!! The Mexican people love to party!

House warming pictures:

Our friend Kerry playing Bocce ball "What do you mean another point for the men"!

Billy, Yes we rock, the men rock!

Rick: One more point and we win!

Sherry asks Rick: "Are you guy's playing fair'?

Gabby and Tom, I think the guys fixed the game!

An unwelcome guest in our house!!! the kitten was playing with it.
He came in for a drink.....of RAID!!!

Day of the dead banner we had outside on our patio.

This is our new cat Poncho. He has up wrapped pretty good.

Stay tuned for the next post as we will have a "guest blogger". My husband Billy has agreed to share his insights, on the move...etc. with you. I can't be held responsible for anything he says. LOL


  1. Hi cheryl!
    So I finaly got to visit your blog. Its beautiful there and it sound like you are enjoying your self. By the way, its jessica desimone from the bronze lotus. Well, hope your doing okay!Talk to you later.

  2. Hi Cheryl, Nice post and photos. As you already know, I have been depressed for six weeks. That's how long I have had to stay in this stupid chair. Still not able to walk. I really appreciate all the help you and Billy have given me during this hard time. I hope to be up and walking by Christmas. WOW. That is almost a month away. I had better be walking by then. Thanks, Patricia

  3. cher: there are so many things to be thankful here in mexico! life is good in so many ways. i wrote about this same concept. check it out:

    hope you have a good thanksgiving!


  4. Hi Barb, I will check out your website, thanks for your comment.

    Hi Pat, You are very welcome!!!

    Wow Jessica!!! you are a blast from the past, so good to hear from you, glad you liked the blog, hope all is well in your life, how are things at the Bronze Lotus, tell Karen and Susan I said Hola!!!!