Thursday, October 28, 2010

Casa Nuevo ( Our New House )

Ok you asked for it, so here it is the long awaited post on our new place. I don't mind telling you that this one took me forever to do, pictures not in the right places, some I had to delete and rotate them ( not paying attention to the details ) The website was not working right. All kinds of things went wrong this morning, but I managed to forge ahead and finish this! So I hope you all enjoy this post. I would have had this post done sooner but I was waiting for our couch and chair to be done, but this is Mexico and that might be awhile! This is what a Mexican gentleman told me yesterday about how things work here and I quote , "When you want something done here they tell you I can do it: Cheap, Fast, or Good. Pick 2 of them!" I really didn't think it was funny as I have been waiting now for 5 weeks, and I was told it would be done in 10 days. I knew it wouldn't be, but I am getting tired of waiting, one of the many things you have to get used to here.

Blame it on HGTV: Ok blame what on HGTV, the place we chose to rent, while living in Florida I used to love watching how they could transform a place, from a hole in the wall to a beautiful
place to live. When we saw this place for the first time it was dirty, all the lights were just blubs hanging down from the ceiling, the refridgerator and stove were frightful. The place didn't have any personality, but I knew with some paint,elbow grease, and some decorative touches we could make it ours, and that is just what we did. We picked out tile for the kitchen, some light colored paint for the walls to brighen it up, we chose a nice yellow for the bedroom, that room gets the morning and early afternoon sun, so it is nice and bright in there. Our friend made us the quilt that is on the bed. I just need to buy some wall art for in there. We decided that the fireplace needed an accent color to make it really stand out, we brought in a tile chip so they could match the paint to it, and we are really happy with the way it turned out.

Tile going up

All the cabinets were refinished.

Our bar we had built to give us more counter and storage space, we love it!

Kitchen all done

Fireplace painted and looking good.

Fireplace before, very uninteresting

Dining area, looking into the den.

Dining area looking towards the front doors.

Dining area, was in the den. We got rid of the table & chairs.

View of dining area looking at the den
I think Billy did a great job painting this wall.

Accent wall being painted

Master bedroom before

Master bedroom looking at our doors, Pancho on the bed!

The beautiful quilt my friend, Jeanne, made us!

The master bath before

Master bath after

Master bath window, I think it is so pretty

Guest bathroom all cleaned up, just waiting for a guest, any takers?

Guest bath before. Not very inviting.
The tub was a mess I was using it for storage, and just keeping the curtian closed, well that got old fast, so I decided to put everything away,and scrub that tub, I used bleach, ajax, and for the stubborn spots very fine sandpaper, it worked, looks great. Now it is a tub that I would use !

Pancho, the newest member of the family
5 months old and so cute, very friendly and playful

A picture our son painted 25 yrs. ago.

The pool area.

The pool area and the view of the mountains.

View from our front patio.

Some plants we planted by the patio.

Our front patio area.

Before we planted.

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  1. Hello Cheryl,

    I just recently found your blog via Jim & Carole's blog and I just wanted to say that I think your house is beautiful. It has losts of charm and you did a great job at making it pop with accent colors. I am absolutely in love with your windows! Definitely a wonderful feature of your home. I look forward to reading your many adventures.