Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Hope all my readers had a great Thanksgiving Day! Billy and I were invited to a friend of a friends house. There were 18 of us, and we had a great time. Everyone brought a dish, so there was plenty to eat. Billy made a big dish of summer squash, but there was an accident in the oven, the maid, put a glass dish on the bottom of the oven, and the glass broke, shattered all over, so we had to throw out the squash. Lucky for us we had a small dish of it at home so the next day we did get to have some, it was really good. It was so nice to be invited out, when you are new it is always great to meet people, we had a very interesting mix of people. The man who's house we had dinner at is named Walter, we call his house the tile house, it is covered in tile, everyroom, inside and out!!!! His dad built the house and he and his dad did the tile work. It must have been one huge work in progress! I wonder if it drove his mom crazy, next time I see Walter I will have to ask.

Our Friend Sherry setting up

Tables all set, just waiting for us to eat.

One of the turkey's

The roof of the tile house.

The view of the mountains

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