Monday, May 27, 2013

38 years OMG!!!

38 Years and Counting:  Well if anyone had ever told me that being married for 38 years would fly by I would have probably said to them yea right!!! but then if someone had ever said I would be living in Mexico I would have told them they were crazy!!! So I guess it's good no one has ever said those things to me. But getting back to that 38 years thing, I have to say it did go by fast, of course like every marriage we have had our ups and downs but we have survived them and came out stronger. My husband still makes me laugh and he's my best friend too, he hates it when I say that LOL! One of our friends asked me what was the trick to staying together,  I guess it's different for every couple, but having different interests,  respecting each other and knowing how to pick your battles really helps! and then there's our good role models, Billy's parents have been married for 70 years!

4 years and counting:  This month we have been living in Mexico for 3 years, so we are now entering our 4th year here. Don't know where the time went, I guess just living our lives and getting to know our way around. My Spanish is not good, still working on it, but Billy's is getting good, of course he talks to everyone, and I mean everyone!!!! You should see him at the market, talking to the vendors! He loves it here, have to say it is exciting living here! going to the supermarket in the states is boring compared to shopping at the open markets.  Not to mention how much you can buy for so little.

Going to the States:  Billy and I are going to Florida for a visit, finally taking the trip we had to cancel because of his eye. Really looking forward to visiting family and friends. Not to mention shopping for clothes. My mare that I gave to my friend Chris is due to foal any day now, so I will get to see her baby. Can't wait to see them. I ordered some new things for our place here, and they are waiting for me in Florida, it will be nice to finally pick them up. They are going to look so nice in here. I'm  also going to order a few things for my mare too, can't forget about her. That is one down side about going away, I will miss my cats and my horse while I am gone but they will be well looked after. So much so they won't even miss us, well I hope they do a little!

Training my mare:   Love, Love my horse, she is so awesome, learns everything I throw at her, every once in awhile I look up and I have someone watching me train her, we get lot's of nice comments regarding her good looks and what she can do. Of course I never get tired of hearing them!

Weather:   Well what can I say. I have said it before and I will say it again, so nice!!! love it, the pool is beautiful, you can walk right in now, no one foot at a time anymore. It has started raining at night, thunder and lightning rolls in does it's thing and rolls out, can't wait for the mountains to turn green again.

Pictures:  I sometimes think it was easier in the old days when you actually had pictures in your hand, and you put them in albums, the other day I took our pictures off the camera and put them on the computer, I hadn't done that in awhile so I had lot's of pictures, and then of course if you want to use them on your blog it helps to name them so I have been working on that. Not fun!

Ok going to wrap this up and try and add my pictures, that is always exciting, of course if I did this more often, it would be easier !

                                    Sunset view from our apartment

                                                 Riding on the beach

                                                my friend Pat

  always a nice view  on my mare!
                                                     fishing on the lake

                                          not your average seat in the back
Puppy on the beach


                                                     Melaza doing tricks

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