Friday, July 19, 2013

How I spent my summer vacation!

How I spent my summer vacation or at least 10 days of my summer, since we are retired and it seems like one endless vacation! The taxi ride to the airport was good, checking in was good, but then we boarded the flight and we had to sit on the runway for an hour while they fixed the gps on the plane. Lucky for us that we had a long layover in Atlanta so it didn't affect our next fight.  As soon as we went outside in Orlando the humidity hit us, wow, not used to that anymore. We picked up our car and off we went to the in laws house. We had a great visit, this time we spent more time with Billy's parents, Billy even cooked for us twice. Visiting is always nice but hectic trying to see everyone and hitting all our favorite spots. Oh did I mention that for the first 2 days my stomach was not in a good place, but it worked out ok because I didn't eat all the food that I was planning on eating, so I didn't gain any weight!

Shopping:  Oh my, all the stores all the choices, I brought two empty suitcases with me and they were packed full  by the end of the visit. Mostly clothes, some food and a new Samsung tablet, that I am still trying to learn  how to use!  My  friend Pam  and I went to my favorite store Beals outlet and I had lot's of fun trying on things and  getting great deals! While we were standing in line we were talking about how fast 3 hours went by, and the man in front of us couldn't believe we spent that much time shopping, men, they just don't understand shopping! LOL

Food:  Well like I said I didn't eat all that I thought I would, but I did manage to have some of my favorite things. Went to a local place and had a delicious lobster roll, yummy!  also had a Publix sub that we brought and ate on the plane,  just as good as I remembered them!!! Oh and we brought back chocolate covered potato chips sooo good! and  some Dunkin Doughnuts coffee, like I said the suitcase was Packed.

Family & Friends:  So great to see everyone and so sad to say goodbye, a year is a long time between visits especially when you miss people that have been a huge part of your life.

What we did?  The time just flew by,  went to the beach, shopped for things we wanted to bring back, went out to dinner a few times, got to see my mares foal, sooo cute! went on a boat ride in the river with our friends Helen & John. Which almost didn't happen, it was a rainy day but it finally cleared up enough for us to go out.  Took our granddaughter to Chuckie  Cheese, she had a great time.  Billy played cards with his parents and friends. Hung out at night and one night we played the wii, the woman against the men we beat their butts 3 games!!

What I know for sure:  I miss the beach, my gran daughters, my in laws, my fiends, Beal's outlet, looking at the river, and hearing the train whistle . Not in that order but just some of what I miss. Of course there are things that I don't miss too.  In the states it seems like everyone is connected to their cell phones,  does anyone talk to each other ?   It is  easy to see how one could so easily  start buying Stuff all over again, because in the states there is so much stuff to buy.  I am so glad our apartment is small, can't fit to much stuff in here.  I didn't miss the humidity at all,  can't believe that I used to train and ride my horses in the summer, but  I did.  I do know now that  we are ready to sell our house there, and we will be putting it on the market if our tenants don't buy it from us. Now is a good time to sell as things are starting to move again in Florida.

 Our flight back:  First leg of the trip Orlando to Atlanta no problem, second part  Atlanta to Guadalajara, get on the plane, Billy looks out the window, Cher there is a guy in the engine, that can't be good! 5 minutes later, pilot is out there looking at the engine, 5 minutes later he comes on the pa and says, this plane is not going anywhere tonight, we will find you another plane to take you home, ok 2 hours later we finally get to board a new plane and fly home, what are the odds of two of our flights not going well???  

Done for now:  ok I think it's time to wrap this up and try and add some of the pictures that I took on vacation. Hope you enjoy the post !

Beach beauty Brianna

Gran pa  and  his girls

It's too cold !!!

Mud Fight!

Waiting for lunch!


Fun on the river

Captain John

Gran ma and Kaylee

Gran pa and Kaylee

Having fun yet?

Helen and John

Helen enjoying the boat ride


Chris and  Rango


Mom, Chris, baby

Saying goodbye to Kaylee
Having fun in the sun!

Best friend Pam and I shopping at of course Beals!

Billy's dad making us breakfast
Final thoughts:  Of course as I was doing the pictures my computer ran out of power, so ok plug it in get back to the pictures all is going well then slow down pictures stop loading, ok take a few off,   then some didn't load where I wanted them but all in all it got done,  really hope my readers enjoy my efforts, lol.

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