Friday, March 15, 2013

The Eyes Of March

The Eyes Of March:
Well once again, it has taken me Forever to post a new blog!!!! Life just keeps on getting in the way.
I have lot's to say today, I guess that's what happens when I don't post to often. Now, I know my post
heading is not right, but in my case it is, and when you read my story it will all make sense, ha that's
funny me making sense! Anyway, this is a story about our adventure with Billy's eyesight, and it
is a true story. A few weeks ago Billy had a slight problem with his vision he noticed that in a
small section of his eye he couldn't see, he took a look at it in the mirror and there was a small
bubble there. He called a local doctor and he got in right away. The doctor did some tests and told
him that he needed to go see a retinalolgist, now Billy and I never even heard that word before, but
the doctor set us up with an appointment in Guadalajara. The night before the appointment I googled
eye problems, and there was the symptoms that Billy had a torn retina, is what we figured he had
which would mean surgery. Billy looked up a map on google so we would know where were
going, I asked him if he wanted to print it out and take it with us, no he said I know Exactly
where we are going! Our friend Brian came with us so he could drive us home after the test.
The appointment was for 11 o clock, at 10:45 we were still looking for the office! so we
flag down a taxi and followed him to the office. We get there right at 11:00, boy was that close.
We approach the front desk and check in, the woman does not have an appointment for
us, and the doctor will not be in till 12:00. OK, we said, we will wait. Meanwhile the doctor
that Billy saw in town told us that he would be meeting us so that he could translate for us,
doctors here are so nice!  So he shows up and explains to the woman why we are there. Turns
out that the retinalolgist forgot to tell her we were coming in! anyway at 12:40 we got to see
the doctor. He started taking pictures of Billy's eye and we hear him say detached retina, so
we knew right away what that meant. So after he finishes with the bad eye he takes pictures of
his good eye and he tells us that he doesn't like the way that one looks either, I thought Billy
and I were going to fall off our chairs. Seems like that eye had a very thin retina and it needed
 to be fixed right away, especially if the surgery didn't go well. We asked if they could fix it
today and they said yes, so they used a laser all around the outside of his eye to hold everything
together. Right before they were going to do the laser I asked Billy for the keys to the car, I
wanted to put my book away, so he checks his pockets and says "I don't have the keys, you
must have them in your purse". I check my purse no keys, can you guess where they are???
Yes that's right in the locked car! So we ask if anyone has a coat hanger so we can try and
unlock the door. Brian and I are trying to get the door unlocked, meanwhile someone went
and got a locksmith for us, he arrives with his tools and can't get the door unlocked. I guess
maybe that is a good thing? I mean how is a thief going to get in if the locksmith can't? A
very nice stranger who is standing there watching all of this go down, said "Can I try"? We
said go for it, well he is the one that got the door open with a good old fashion wire coat
hanger!! and I still had to pay the locksmith!!! Billy was so nervous that he left the keys in
the car, and then he said well if I left the keys in the car how did the car get locked?? Well it
turns out that Brian locked it on the door. What A Day!!!  Billy's surgery was scheduled for
Thursday at 8 am, so we had a driver come and get us at 5:45,  as we had to be there at 7 to
get him prepped. Our driver knows Guad, so he got us there right on time. The surgery was
done at an outpatient clinic, very nice place and the staff was great. There was one nurse
there that spoke English so she told us what was going to happen, and she translated any
questions we had to the doctor. The whole thing took 90 minutes, when they wheeled Billy
to his room he was wide awake. They told us that the operation went really well, and that
we needed to come back to the doctors office on Friday, so that he could check the eye.
So today we went back with our driver who helped translate for us. Thank you Rafael!!
Doctor said it looks good, the most important thing Billy has to do is to be real careful about
 is not  to look down!!! The retina has to have time to heal and reattach itself. We are glad
that this happened here in Mexico, (well if one can be glad about this)  and not the states,
we don't have insurance in the states and it would have cost us double what we had to pay

The best laid plans:
Before all this happened we had booked a trip to Florida, we were going to help Billy's
parents celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary, yes I said 70th!!! I know, who is married
that long!! So being as you can't fly with that kind of injury we had to cancel our flight, along
with our rental car. We are very upset that we won't be a their party.  We do plan on going to
Florida maybe at the end of May. Will just have to wait to buy some new clothes. I did order
a few things and had them sent to Florida so I guess I will just have to wait to pick them up.

Cooking: OMG I am going to have to do some cooking!!! lol

Pictures:  No pictures with this blog,  will post some on my next one, which won't take me
2 more months to write! I promise. I actually know what I am going to write for my next one.
Just have to set aside the time to do it.

Till next time, stay safe and have your vision checked!

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