Saturday, October 5, 2013

Exploring Mexico

We have been exploring some very interesting sites here in Mexico, our friends Chris and Barbara plan our trips and we get to go along!  It's a win, win.  Chris and Barbara are sun birds, and they are from Austin Texas, we have know them for 4 years now. They love to go out on adventures, and they are great travel companions.

Tequila Mexico:  On this trip we stayed overnight in the town of Tequila. The country side is just beautiful, lush green mountains green pastures, bright blue skies. When we were close to Tequila, I noticed train tracks, I love trains so I was hoping that we would see some and if I got really lucky I would even hear some whistles ! Well I got lucky and got to see 3 trains and hear their whistles. I know it's the small things in life that makes us happy. We stayed at the hotel Plaza Rubio which was very nice and reasonably priced, but I think next time I would like to try and stay at the Plaza Jardin which is right next to the plaza. The town of Tequila was really nice, we plan on going back  so we can  spend more time there, the town was nice and clean, and as usual the people were very friendly. There is always some one around that speaks English, which always amazes me. We had dinner at a really nice restaurant, that was recommended by the locals, and will defiantly  eat there again.

Herradura Hacienda, Distillery : This place was awesome, I never knew how much work goes into the making of Tequila.  We showed up for a tour on a Thursday at 3 and we were the only people there so we had our own private tour! Our tour guide was a young Mexican woman who spoke perfect English,  she was great. Of course at the end of the tour you go into their little store that  sells all kinds of things to buy including of course their Tequila! My favorite part of the tour was the old part of the distillery was the old section, really neat to see how it was done way back! We couldn't tour the hacienda, as the owners of the place still use it on the weekends. Actually the distillery has been sold to an American company, but not the hacienda. Chris and Barbara have been on other Tequila tours and they said this one was the best. So if you ever get a chance to visit Tequila make sure to visit the Herradura Distillery.

My new tablet:  I bought a new Samsung Tablet while I was in the states, I take pictures with it and it is so easy to send them to face book. Well I wanted to use it today to do this blog and I couldn't sign in on my blog with it, very disappointed as I have pictures that I want to add to this that are on my tablet. So I am going to add some that are from my camera and then try to figure out how to add more from the tablet, it is raining out so maybe that has something to do with it?

My horse:  Things are going really well with my training of Melaza, we were taking jumping lessons then my trainer had to go away for  a  month so while he was gone I practiced what he had taught me, and I went on line to learn more about jumping, some of the videos that they post on you tube should be called how Not to teach your horse to jump!  well at least they were interesting.  On Saturday I had a lesson and all my practice is paying off, we did great! Looking forward to more lessons!

Pictures: Time to try and get them loaded! Wish me luck!

                         These cute guys walk around and give out samples of  Tequila

                                                         Beautiful big tree on the grounds
Update:  Ok so I didn't figure out how to do this from my tablet yet!!!! however we did find out that
you have to add an app. in order for me to get to my blog on my tablet. Maybe I will just keep on doing my blog from my computer. Ugh modern technology! So I am just going to go ahead and get this one posted, and hopefully do another one soon with more pictures.

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