Sunday, October 3, 2010

Majestic Mountians

I love the mountians here, they are constantly changing, in this post I have tried to capture their beauty. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoy looking at the mountians everyday. I think the view of the mountians that we have from our patio, was one of the big draws for living at our new place, that and the huge pool!

This is a view on the mountians and the lake, I took this picture on one of our many walks, when we were pet sitting.

This is taken on the same street, a little more up on the hill.

I take so many I'm not sure where I shot this one from, other than up high!

This afternoon shot was taken at our new place, the clouds were just starting to roll in.

Afternoon sunlight

Clouds behind the mountians

Afternoon sun and clouds, so pretty.

This picture is showing you the south side of the lake, with the clouds playing on the tops of the mountian. Taken on our walk.

North view of the mountians, with sun and clouds.

Clouds rolling in, I thought we would get a storm that afternoon, but the clouds went away and the sun came out again.

Well what do we have here, that is no mountian, no it is Ambar,the friendly dog that lives on one of the streets that we would walk, we would see her almost every night, I will miss her. We do plan on walking back up there to see her, she is just too cute, everyone that walks bye her has to stop and give her a pet, and she loves it so much her whole back end wags along with her tail!

We have just finished moving into our new place, and boy were we tired! I don't plan on moving again for awhile. Between leaving our housesitting place in good order and getting settled in here, it was to much like work, you get used to not working very fast! I plan on doing a post on our new digs with before and after pictures, I just want to get it all toghether first, it is looking really nice and we are very happy here. Went in the pool this afternoon and I had it all to myself! Well that's it for this week, see you soon.


  1. HI Cheryl, I am happy you are moved into your new place. Nice photos. let's get together after you are all settled in there. I go often to my friend's house near you to swim. Your friend, Patricia

  2. Glad the move went well girlfriend ! I somehow lost your email address when I switched to my address, so as they say 'let me have it' so I can send you a picture of you guys...byeeeeee Chris XXXX