Sunday, October 10, 2010

Random Ramblings

Today I sat on the patio and wrote the post I thought was going to be written this evening, but I changed my mind. I had already uploaded my picutres for my post and what I wrote about didn't have any pictures to go with it, so I changed my mind, which is a womans God given right!
Anyway, it was a beautiful day today, starting out with clouds on the mountains, (there is a picture of that in here) and then the sun came out! The temperature was in the 80's, I love the weather here.

Starting over: It is really strange to be starting over, it is almost like being newlyweds, well almost, but without all the sex! LOL!!! There is so much to buy to set up housekeeping again. One thing we did that was really smart was to bring our pots and pans or should I say Billy's pots and pans. I had to go out and buy clothes hangers, which I hate doing only because I had to leave a ton of them back in Florida. Lucky for me that they do not cost that much here, as a matter of fact I have made it a game to see where I can get them for the least amount of money, yes life is slow here! So starting over has good and bad points to it, but mostly good.

Our New Place: We really like our new place here, not very big, but just right for us. It has been fun getting it all together, they let us pick out the paint and tile, they even had the curtians cleaned for us and have been really great with all our requests. I am looking forward to doing a post with pictures, which will be soon. I am just waiting to get some new things for the walls, and a kitchen light. We plan on going to Tonala on Tuesday to buy a painting and to see if we can find a light that we like.

The following two pictures were taken on the grounds of LCS here in town, they have beautiful gardens there.

Clouds on the mountians this morning

This dog was posing for me, this was shot in Chapala at the market

It took me three tries before I got the picture that I wanted from this guy. It was worth it.

This is Billy's favorite place for lunch, when we go to the market

Flowers at the market

Fresh produce everywhere

When you go to the market in Mexico you never know what you are going to see, that is why I always carry my camera with us. This day was St. Francis of Assisi Day and they had a band playing, they were really good, and of course LOUD!

This little guy was keeping time to the music, he was really into it!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this little one, look at all that hair.

Our friends Gill and Mick. They moved here from Florida for a few months to see if Mexico will be where they will settle, they were living in Ajijic, but their dog couldn't handle the thunder storms that would roll through, so they moved to Manzillo where they are very happy, and of course right after they moved the storms stopped.

Our friends Jeanne and Eric, another couple from Florida. They are living in the village for the next 3 months and if all works out for them you might seem them make the big move.

The Happy Couple!

The sun is just starting to set.

I don't usually go to the pier at night, so I was really happy to capture these pictures.

Red skies at night sailors delight, red sky in morning saliors take warning.

Men fishing while the sun is setting.


  1. Cheryl. That place where your friends moved to, is it Manzanillo/ Or Manzillo?

  2. Cheryl: So, are you renting an unfurnished apartment? Sounds like the owners are letting you pick the colors and tiles out, but you are buying the furnishings yourself? We are considering moving to Mexico too like some of your other readers and I am interested in the set-up. Thanks.

  3. Hi Cheryl, Love this post and the photos are spectacular. You are constantly getting better. I am stuck on my bed for the next month or so...Chico is keeping me company and Dale and Emily dropped in today. Come by sometime. But you have to give me warning because the maid has to be here to let you in the first time. After that, you can have a key....Missing you both. Your friend, Patricia

  4. Hi Cheryl and Billy,
    You are looking very relaxed,something I could very much enjoy. I so love the pictures and can't wait to see your new apartment. I'm proud you both have adjusted so well in your new home. It's very pretty there, I will keep working on Larry and try to get him into Mexico.