Sunday, September 19, 2010

Time flies!

As the saying goes, " Time Flies when you are having fun! It seems like it was just yesterday when I sat down at the computer and composed last weeks post, and now it's time to do a new one? How can that be?
Getting Side tracked: I came upstairs to put this post all together, and then decided it would be a good time to go through some of our pictures and delete the ones that I have already used, bad ones of me (Lot's of them) LOL! out of focus etc. ok, that done, now to create a new folder called Sept. photos, so that it will be easy to retrieve them for this post, check that off the list, now time to finally put down my thoughts! and you thought this posting stuff was easy.
Weather: Today it is raining out, it usually rains at night but today it decided to be different, mother nature most have know that we are going out for an early dinner with some friends, the restaurant is in a town that we have not been to yet, and I was hoping that it would be a nice drive, well there is time for it to clear up before we leave so maybe it will, one can at least hope so. I will let you all know how it was in next weeks post. I had some towels on the line that I had to run out and bring in, they had to finish up in the dryer, I like hanging the clothes out, I know most people don't but I like the sunshine on them.
The new place: Next Monday we plan on starting our move, I would like to do one room at a time, that should be easy enough we really don't have to much stuff, although when you start moving it around it seems like we have plenty! We need to be out of this house by next Thursday night, that is when the owner is due back from England, we will miss this place, it has been fun to live here for the last four in a half months, we will be stopping by to see the animals, I will really miss the cat, and our walks in this neighborhood.
The Mountains: I think I need to do a post just on the mountains, I love looking at them, they change by the hour, sometimes they are all lit up by the sun, other times they are covered with clouds, at times you can't even see them, I have watched them disappear from view when a rain storm is coming through. In the morning they usually have clouds sitting on top of them, then as the day warms up they move off. Right now they are really green from all the rain we have been having, during the dry season they start to turn brown, but right now they are beautiful.
The following pictures were taken on Thursday night in the Ajijic plaza, everyone was out having a great time, 200 years of freedom were being celebrated ! and the Mexican people know how to party!

This little one was dancing to the music! Never to early to get your groove on!

The Mexican colors

One of the many wall murals in town

This one is painted on the side of the school

The church at the plaza

These two pictures of the mountains were taken from the Walmart parking lot

Billy and company!

Two cute children waiting for their grandpa

Street food in Tonala, and when I say street food that is what I mean, we sat there and watched the cars go by, of course I had to put in a picture of food! LOL

Billy ordering our food, his Spanish is getting good!

Well dear readers that about winds it up for this weeks post, till next week, adios

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  1. Hi Cheryl, Nice post. Beautiful photos. I see you are still having fun. Hope to see you tomorrow at the market. Your friend, Patricia