Sunday, September 12, 2010

What do I want to write about today???

What do I want to write about today? I like to try and update my blog once a week so that my readers coming back for more. Usually I have an idea of what to write about, at least so far that has been the case. I should write my ideas down that way I don't forget them, you know, old age and all of that. I like to include pictures too, which takes longer to do because they need to be put in a folder first, so they can be found easier. Then they need to upload to the post, then I add my writing last. At least that is how I do my posting.

Last night, sitting upstairs, I had the slider open, someone on the mountain was having a big party with a band. It was so nice to sit and listen to it, and at 11:00 it was over and all was quiet again, well until the storm came through. Lighting and rain, but we didn't lose the electric this time, and it passed over quickly. The lake is really so high right now that the beach is gone. The rain should be ending at the end of October, then they tell me no more rain till May. By that time people can't wait for it to rain! I love the weather here, it is a nice change from Florida!

Today is Sunday and we like to just stay home and chill. So, after I am done with posting I will be going downstairs, sitting myself down and reading my book. A neighbor gave me a book called the Dark Horse, now of all the books in the world to give me, he gives me a book that takes place in Wellington Fl. The story is about the show jumping circuit that takes place every winter. I love the show jumping there, the horses are beautiful, the grounds are awesome, and the jumps are huge. The first time we went there I thought I died and went to heaven, so I find it interesting that I am reading street names that I have been on, and the best part, the book is good! Oh and I have even done a post on Wellington!!! It's the Universe LOL!

We will be moving in 2 weeks. I have started packing a few things here and there. I went to the apartment yesterday, to meet with the guy who makes the curtains, he will be cleaning the ones that were up, and shorting the ones that were in the kitchen. There is a nice patio in front and I wanted a curtain put up to block out the strong afternoon sun, but I didn't want to be the one that had to pay for it. The owner was there and I told him what I would like and he said no problem, so I am getting my curtain! He also told me I could move in anytime. After the place gets cleaned, which will be this week, I might start bringing things over a little at a time. That way it's not such a big deal. After our moving from Florida and getting rid of all our stuff, nothing is a big deal . This week I will to go out and buy some plants for our new patio, I want to make it look really nice, because that is where we will be spending most of our time.

Facebook. I really like using Facebook, so, Thank you Helen for giving me a kick in the butt, she would tell me to get with it! now I use it all the time to keep up with my friends, and I love how you can put your pictures on it, or just write comments. I think it is pretty neat.

Do not view the following picture if you gain weight just by looking! This is why the weight is not coming off!!! See that chocolate donut with the cream in the middle? My downfall! I had one last night, it was so fresh, and so good, after I ate it I said to myself, damn I should have bought 2 of them, but I am really glad I didn't! Now of course I don't eat all of this at one sitting, boy would I be huge! LOL I freeze the rolls and have them with dinner, and the big ones we use for sandwiches.
This is what the mountains look like in the morning, then the clouds burn off and the sun comes out!

This Puppy was for sale at the market, so cute I had to take his picture !

Sherry took this picture of me, the before and after????

The following pictures were taken on our walks, we have to walk the dog twice a day, so I like to bring the camera along, you never know what you will see.

This is a picture of a stained glass door. The picture does not capture how beautiful it really is.

Artwork on the side of a house in our neighborhood.

This is a wall mural inside of a garage!

I thought this was an interesting catcus plant

This horse head is standing guard inside a garage, I love it !

Well that's it for this week's post hope you enjoyed it. See you next week!


  1. Cheryl,
    What great pictures. Enjoyed the post this week. Keep it up you are what keeps me motivated. Sounds like you are enjoying Ajijic. Florida is hot, hot. Can't wait to see more pictues of the apartment. Glad to see you have the horses to enjoy. I know it is something you left behind but apparently all is not lost. Have a great day and live your life to fullest.

    Jo Ann and Bill

  2. Hi Cheryl, Nice photos. I am looking forward to seeing your new place. You have really taken to Mexico..... Your friend, Patricia

  3. Hi Pat, glad you liked the pictures, I am looking forward to you coming over, we can swim in the pool!

  4. Hi Jo Ann and Bill, yes we really like it here, the weather is the best! and the people are really nice. Hope you will be moving here soon.