Friday, September 3, 2010

I Should Have Stayed In Bed !

Have you ever had one of those days when nothing seems to go right, and at the end of the day you think, man I should have just stayed in bed, well I had one of those days this week. This is my story of what happened. It all started out well enough, got up, got dressed, met Pat ( who is finally back from the states ) and Dale for breakfast, ordered a breakfast sandwich with hash browns, and from there my day started a down hill slide, the hash browns were so greasy I couldn't eat them. Ok breakfast done, we walked into the open market looking for the man who sells, lights and mirrors, we saw something that we liked for the kitchen a few weeks ago, and we were hoping that he would be set up, well no he wasn't there, this is 6 weeks in a row that he hasn't been at the market, so I give up on that, I did see another light I liked in Tonala, so that is where I will be buying our new light. Next stop is going to be a the carpenter's shop, we gave this man a deposit 2 months ago to build a bar for us, and it has been one excuse after another from him as to why it is not done yet, well actually he hasn't even started it. We go in and he tells us that the wood that he had for the bar was not the right wood and he will be getting it any day now, he said he will build the bar for us, so I bring him over to the calender and tell him, pointing to the days, you tell me what day this bar will be finished, he pointed to next Wednesday, he promises us that it will be done and I said you give me your word and he said yes and we shook on it, we shall see !!!! We also tell him that the drawer's do not match the cabinets, oh he said that is because they are a different kind of wood, so when we go home I look up the pictures of the kitchen before any work was done, and there in wonderful color are the drawers and cabinets all matching, imagine that. We leave there and head for the mirror shop, where we had a mirror made for the bathroom, we are sitting at the light on a hill, with a car in front of us, all of a sudden this woman's car is rolling towards us, I am freaking out saying she is going to hit us, and that is just what she does, her car just rolled right into us, so she and her friend get out, she doesn't speak English, but we manage to tell her to pull forward so we can see if there is any damage, well she did that, and lucky for both of us there wasn't any so I told her to just keep on going, and she did, you don't want to get the police involved if you don't need to, it takes forever to do all the paper work, we would still be there. LOL Ok now we head to the mirror shop, no parking spaces near it so Billy is heading away from it, ( now if you read my blog you know about Billy and parking ) so now we are 1 block away, now 2, getting ready to scream at this point!!!! but instead I turn to him and say why don't we just go home and have some lunch, so we do. After we had lunch we went and picked up the mirror and brought it to the apartment, told Claudia ( the woman who manages the place) what was going on with the bar and how the carpenter told us it would be done, etc. etc., we find out 2 days later that this carpenter who has been giving us the run around, is her f____ing uncle ! I think she should have told us from the beginning that she was related to him, no wonder he does most of the work there, anyway we have decided not to tell her that we know about the connection, and just hope that he comes through with the bar. I will keep you all posted. So that was my bad day, I know in the gran scheme of things that this is all small stuff but sometimes all the small things can add up, plus I was a little homesick that day. Being homesick can be strange, I can go for long stretches without it bothering me and then one day it all comes crashing in, I hate those days, but I guess it is normal. Well dear readers that is all for this post. I will write again soon.

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