Sunday, August 22, 2010

What's been going on ?

Hello, my faithful readers, did you wonder where I dissapared to? Well I am still here! We had company last week and I didn't have anytime to sit down and gather all my thoughts, that takes awhile you know ! LOL Richard and Mario were here visiting us all week, and this morning it was time to say goodbye to them. We had a great time, lot's of laughs and way to much food, at this rate I am never going to lose my belly fat. Billy's brother Richard really knows his way around a grill, so most nights he was in charge of dinner, which was fine with us . We showed them our new place, even spent yesterday out by the pool there, it was the first time I have been in the pool and it was really nice, felt good to swim again. I am looking forward to living there so I can use the pool to get some much needed exercise. On Friday night we went to Chapala, took a walk on the malacon during sunset, it was actually a little chilly, with the wind coming off the lake.

Sunset over the mountains

Boats tied up for the night

Richard, Billy and Mario

Dusk, and the lights coming on, so pretty

Richard and I enjoying the sun and water

Fresh fish on the grill, so good !

These waterfalls are close by in Ajijic. We went hiking up the mountain to see them, not for the faint of heart or the out of shape. Told Billy I didn't know we had to be part goat to get up there, but it was worth it. The next time we go we will plan it better, take our time maybe bring a lunch with us, and plenty of water.

Billy crossing one of the many streams, he finally just walked across them, of course that made his sneakers and socks all wet, which he left in the car for two days, so now the car is airing out!

Very powerful stream of water

A pretty view from up there

The following 2 pictures are especially for my friends that have been here, I thought I would show them how high the lake level is right now, not much beach left.

We just had this furniture made localy, you can pick the material out and the style of the chairs and sofa. We bought it for the patio at the new house and it was delivered just in time for our company. We were out on the patio everyday. One of the things I love about living here, you can be outside without dieing from the heat.

This is the loveseat, two lovebirds are going to sit here.

This is how they start out, they don't look real sturdy but they sure are.

Well that's all for this post, hope you enjoyed the pictures, will post again next week.


  1. Lovely pics of lake. Love your furniture. Found your blog on Pat Walker's whose pics I just love and wish she'd get back home cuz I need to see those sunsets! Your pool looks huge! Are you in a enclosed neighborhood? I'm just wondering, cuz we are coming down this Fall and I am still trying to figure the different areas. All the best. Sylvie in SoCal

  2. Hi Sylvie, Our new place is a small apartment complex, behind a hotel called La Joya Del Lago, so that is why the pool is so big, the hotel is located in what is called lower west Ajijic, they rent out studio rooms at the hotel by night, week, month or months. We will be moving in there on the first of Oct. I know it is hard to decide on where to live when you first get here, that is why people tell you to always rent before buying. If you have any questions you can email me, I would be happy to help you out.

  3. So, is this place with the pool your NEW place that you move to on Oct 1st? Not sure I follow...

    How much is the new apartment complex per month, usd? How large is it? Just checkin' my figures & trying to find out what's do-able, makin' plans, etc.

    Wish Pat would give me a call & try to have some FUN while she's still here! I spent the day at a pool & am soooooooo relaxed now.

    Thanks for the before/after shots of your furniture! Very nice...

  4. Hi nopogayle,
    yes the pool is at the new place where we will be living starting Oct. 1st. it is not a big apartment about 900 sq. ft. didn't want anything big, would only start filling it with stuff, we don't want more stuff !! There are only 6 apartments in our complex and right now they are all rented. Plenty of rentals out there right now, of course that will change when season arrives.