Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Hair Raising Experience

Warning : the following pictures may cause laughing, which could result in tears rolling down your face, which may or may not cause your mascara to run, in either case I will not be held responsible . Viewer Discretion is Advised !

I am still gettiing the hang of blogging, so these pictures loaded from last to first, which is not the way I wanted them but hey, life isn't perfect !

As I looked at my hair in the mirror, I couldn't help but notice that it was time to do my roots. Well now is a good time, I have nothing to do and it is raining, so no time like the present. I get all the product out of the box and proceed to apply the color to my hair, in no time at all I was done, just had to wait for the color to process, meanwhile the rain was starting to get it on. I looked in the mirror and a random thought flashed across my brain, if the power goes out how the hell will I wash this mess out. Well dear readers, as you can guess that is just what happened !! So now I have this messy red color on top of my head that now needs to be rinsed out, so what to do? I know I will catch some rain water and use it to rinse this out. I went out on the patio and put my bucket out, the wind is blowing, the rain is cold and I am getting wet ! I turn around to go back in the house and the wind, blew the door shut, I start banging on the door so that Billy will let me in and it dawns on me that there is no way for him to hear me, with the wind and the rain, plus he is upstairs, at this point I start laughing, I mean what else can a girl do ? I ran around to the front of the house and let myself in, collected my rain water then rinsed my hair out. Two hours later the power came back on and I took a nice warm shower and rinsed my hair out again. So, now,I have learned
another lesson, do not color your hair during a rain storm, you never know how bad the storm will be, and when that power might go out, I tell you it is enough to make a girl stop coloring her hair at home, well maybe not !!

Me all finished !!!

What a mess I'm making !

Rain water ready to go

How I collected my rain water

Don't I look so cute with that mess on top of my head?


  1. Sounds like your livin la vida loca there in Mexico!!!! love, Paula

  2. You looks so cute!Cheryl
    Have wonderful stay...

  3. Thanks Anonymous, always good to get positive feedback. LOL !