Sunday, July 18, 2010

Market Day

For the past two months I have been taking pictures of the local markets , around lakside. They each have something different to offer so it is hard to say which one is my favorite. I like them all for different reasons. Chapala's is on Monday, and it is big, really big, you have lot's to choose from, and I like the fact that they have their prices on display. My favorite thing to buy there is the sweet potatoes, a man goes around selling them from his wheelbarrow, and boy are they ever good. After we are done walking around the market, we go to the central market, where we buy our meat, we usually buy enough for two weeks. We bought some ham there that was some of the best I have ever had, I bet it was really fresh !( all this talk of food is making me hungry! ) On Wednesday we have our market in Ajijic, it is small, and the walkways are very narrow, don't know what it will be like to try and get around once the snowbirds get here. I do like getting my flowers there, and we always get a slice of pizza for lunch, we have found that the prices at Ajijc market are on the high side. When we are done there I go to the Boston Deli and pick up two dinners to go, the food there is so good and very inexpensive. On Thursday it is market day in Jocotepec, we always do lunch at the same vendor, good food and nice people. We think the Joco. market sells the best nuts , sometimes they are still hot! Last time we were in Jocotepec, we ventured down some side streets, we found that the mom and pop stores were very inexpensive, also saw the town square for the first time, very nice. Well like I said all this talk of food is making me hungry, I think I will head downstairs and have some dinner. Till next time !

Chapala vendor

Plenty of bras to chose from, but where do you try them on?

Clowning around

Cute Puppies for sale

Music to go with your shopping

Our favorite lunch vendor

Fresh veggies !!

Cute picture

More fresh veggies

Billy checking out the drinks

Barbie doll dresses


  1. Cheryl - do you soak your veggies? The last time I was in AJIJIC - my landlady soaked
    the veggies in a teaspoon of bleach -

  2. HI CHERYL, Nice photos. Unfortunately, Gigi and Tony, owners of the Boston Deli are moving to Chicago in about six months. So enjoy her wonderful food while you can. I sure miss you guys. Patricia

  3. I sometimes soak mine in tequila..tastes better than bleach and works just as well

  4. Cher, I love the pictures...keep up the good work....really get a good feeling of your life down/over there!