Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunday at the park in Jocotepec

On Sunday we decided to go to the park at Jocotepec, a small town on the lake, about 20 minutes west of us. We brought along our friends Pat & Dale, Dale had never seen the park and he thought it was a really nice spot. A beatuiful sunny day to just chill out and enjoy ourselves, something that we do lot's of here! We brought some chairs, the cooler and our camera, oh yes the camera, I was taking pictures for my blog, and all of a sudden I see on the screen Memory full, I'm like WHAT!! so Billy looks at it and said, you must not have the chip in it, so I look and sure enough no chip !! it is in the card reader at the house!! I did bring a spare battery does that count? Now this is the second time I have done this, oh no wait the last time the battery wasn't in it!! One of these days I will get it all together, I will let you all know when that happens, don't hold your breath. Anyway as you can see I did manage to take some pictures of our day. Hope you enjoy them. Don't forget you can click on them to make them bigger, especially the horse ones!

Fish fountian : the kids love to play under these .

Standing in line for some really good ice cream. I love the homemade ice cream here.

Beautiful horses: These two pictures are for all my horse friends, there are some really nice horses here.

Pretty girl on a pretty horse

Just made, hot off the grill shrimp on a stick, so good, you can put lime juice and
chili powder on them , did I mention how good they are????

Billy and Dale

Billy and his new hat, I think he looks rather good in it, he has gone Mexician, no more baseball hats!

For their playground they have exercise equipment that you play on, after my shrimp
and Ice cream, a workout was in order! Pat was trying to help me out, but all she got for her trouble was a broken nail, lucky for her I had a nail file on hand, go figure !!! ( inside joke )

Boats having Sunday off.


  1. Hi Cher, you look so relaxed & happy ! I'm so relieved ! Carma's doing great....put on a little weight & is throwing it around. She now participates in the evening 'dinner charge' from one field to the next ! Barn should be finished end of June (?????) Love you & miss you & am so blessed to have your girl. Dad built lovely run-in for them, so all 4 are moving house on Mon. to eat the grass & let mine grow back ! Take care....Chris

  2. cher, i'm so glad to actually ventured to the "wilds" of jocotepec so soon after you moved here! so many people in ajijic NEVER made it even that far west!

    next, you need to come visit the southshore of the lake where i live. san cristobal is another 20 minutes from the malecon in jocotepec, and san luis soyatlan is about another 10. then there's tuxueca, tizapan, etc. etc. not to mention the more touristy places like mazamitla!


  3. Barb, we love to explore and would love to see more of the southshore of the lake,would you like to be our guide? Let us know. You can email me.