Friday, May 28, 2010

Our home for the next four months

One of the views from the upstairs patio, there are three patios in this house, two up and one down, we are not going to want to move from here !!!

Our living room, with a view of the patio

My spot to read and relax !!

The master bedroom, the cut outs in the walls are lights, they look really pretty at night.

The patio, we really love it out here!

Looking into the kitchen from the living room

Our dining room table, Elaine bought me the flowers they are beautiful !

Hope you all enjoy the pictures, this is a really nice home and we are getting spoiled living in it, we hope our 4 months don't go by to fast.

This is a flower garden in the corner of the yard, this picture is not the best, it is much prettier, in the morning there is usually a humming bird feeding on the flowers.

Billy grooming Micky, he loves being groomed and going for walks !

There is a swallows nest on one of the patio's this nest has two baby birds in it, he is waiting for his mom to come and feed him.


  1. Hi Cheryl and Billy, I don't know if my other comment went through to you so I am trying again. Great job. Place looks beautiful and Mickey looks very happy. Patricia

  2. Hi again, Gayle from Portland here. Glad you made it with all your 'stuff'! I liked the roadtrip comments & photos, too. Nice place! How much is your monthly rent? I'm considering bringing my dog too - and will need a little garden space like this one. Did it come furnished? How far in advance did you find it & sign a rental agreement? So many questions on this end...! But, I'm still sorting out 'stuff' for yard sale/give-away, and the house has yet to sell (let alone be ready for sale). So much to do know the drill. Love looking at your photos & reading your comments - we'll meet hopefully this year.

  3. These pictures are great. I can see you are very happy..Miss you but have a great life...Love Liz

  4. Hi to all those who posted comments; Gayle, believe it or not we are not paying rent at this place, we are house and petsitting for the owner, we found out about this job through Pat's blog. Right now there are lot's of places to rent in all kind of price ranges, just depends on what you want to pay and where you want to live. In October the snowbirds will be coming back and it will be harder to find a rental. There are plenty of websites that have pictures of their rentals, our friends just found one online from Roma Properties, and we went and checked it out for them, they are coming for 3 months Oct-Dec.I look foward to meeting you.
    Liz thank you posting a comment it is always good to get feedback, we miss all our Florida friends too.
    Sylvie, did I spell that right I published your comment don't know where it went, the place we stayed at was called Las Palmas in a town call Metaheula? They say it is the halfway point, so that is where we stopped, and boy did we need the break. If anyone needs more info feel free to email me.

  5. Well, Bill & Cheryl it is great to see you are enjoying your new home for the next couple of months. Bill and I are back in the miserable routine of living and working in Florida. We really enjoyed getting to meet the two of you at the B & B in May. House is still up for sale but, we are considering renting it and moving anyway. We are sooooooo looking forward to the adventure that you and Bill are on in Ajijic and hope to be there by the end of the year. The pictures of the house are just beautiful and I can see why you are enjoying it so much. Tell Bill we said hi and also Elaine when you see her. Bill and Joann from Florida