Monday, May 10, 2010

Pictures of our journey

These are just some of the pictures that I took on our journey, they are not in order, sorry! It was hard work getting these posted, as I am not on my computer, hope you all enjoy them, I know I had fun taking them. Don't forget if you click on the pictures they will enlarge.

Crossing the boarder, into our new life.

Our first view of the lake, a very welcome site, almost there!!!

These two pictures are for all my horsey friends !!!!!

Hotel that we stopped at, halfway point in Mexico, felt good to relax

Small dust cloud, it is very dry right now.

Awesome views, took these pictures from the car.

The secenery in Mexico

The sign says it all

The City of Houston, they drive crazy here !!

First rest stop in Texas!!!

The Mississippi River

All Packed up and ready to hit the road !!!

We didn't get to bring everything we wanted to, oh well there are stores here.

We couldn't get another thing in here !!


  1. Lookin' good!! Best of luck!!!!


  2. Nice Pics.....looks like it was a fun journey...but I think I saw some space in that car for more it there! I wish I could visit, it looks like beautiful country. Happy belated Mothers Day and and an early Happy Birthday to Bill! When you have an address, let me know so I can send a card. Hope you are enjoying the food! P.S. I had a lobster roll from DeAngelos...ummmmmmmmmmmmm
    Love, Deb

  3. The hotel you stayed halfway down looks like a great place to stop. What city was it? Do you remember the name of the hotel? I look forward to reading more about your adventure! Good Luck!