Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm back !!!!! with new pictures

Hi everyone, I finally have time to do this post, Billy and I have been very busy getting ourselfs
set up in our new home, well our home for the next 4 months, hope you enjoy the pictures, now that this post is done I plan on doing one on our house. Hope you all enjoy the pictures !

Little girls on their way home from school, this is why you have to bring your camera with you all the time, you never know what you will find around the corner !

Our friend Patricia, she writes a blog called Mexciodailyliving, and she has a huge following, check it out, great pictures , and you will even see Billy and I on it once in awhile !

This is my favorite fruit stand, the fruit is cut up fresh, and you can pick what you want, only 200 pesos !! and so good !

Me and Hubby 35 years together !!

Our friends Elaine and Luis, they own Ajijic Suites, a great place to stay

Billy at our plazza in Ajijic

Market day in Chapala, I thought this was an intersting way to use your car !

The beach on a Sunday in Chapala

Me ejoying the day


  1. I am very interested in what your experiences are, as a brand new arrival there. Please tell us the pros and cons of your day to day experiences. Any regrets? Worries? Is safety much of an issue? I have long wanted to retire to Mexico, but with the current crime conditions there (or at least at the border towns) I have real hesitation to try it. We lived in Mexico back in 1978 - 80 and loved it, but felt perfectly safe then. I have been anxious to read about your reactions to what you are finding there, after discovering your site thru mexicodailyliving.

  2. Wow Cher - I'm SO glad you're happy & look so relaxed - it must be a wonderful relief for you to finally be there & able to chill after all you've put yourself through ! Way to go guys !

  3. cher, about the fruit stand in ajijic. you didn't really mean $200 pesos, did you? maybe $20 pesos? otherwise, that's like $15.60US for a few cups of fruit! and, heaven knows when fruit is in season down here, they're pratically giving it away!

    barb on the south shore of lake chapala

  4. Yes I meant 20 Pesos, I'll be glad when I get my dollars and pesos figured out !!!! Thanks Barb

  5. Hi Chris,
    Good to hear from you, yes we are enjoying ourselfs here, the weather is great!!!

  6. Hi Penny,
    Thanks for reading my blog, we are not worried about the crime here, we live in a small town, lots of expats here, older folks, drug problems are mostly in the boarder towns,of course there is crime anywhere you go, you just have to be smart, if you have concerns maybe you should visit for a month or so, that is what we did, I wouldn't say I have any regrets, but I do miss my gran kids. Why don't you email me and we can talk ! Thanks for reading my blog, I love hearing from people!