Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our Second Visit

This is a picture of our friend Patricia, I found her through her blog Mexico Daily Living, and when I figure out how to do a link on my blogs I will post it, her blog is really nice, lots of pictures of Ajijic, it gives you a really good feel for the town. I contacted her and we got to meet up with Patricia a few times during our visit, it is great making friends through blogs, we had breakfast at this little restruant, the food was great and very inexpensive, we had to wait a few minutes for our orange juice because they were squezzing it, talk about fresh!!!

We were walking down the street when we saw these local boys having fun, so we asked if we could take their picture, they thought it was a great idea, most of the people that we met were very friendly. My husband knows a little Spanish so he would try it out on the shop keepers and they would answer him in very good english, we got a kick out of that! Right now we are both studying The Rosetta Stone for Spanish, it can be fun at times and other times fustrating, but I am learning lot's from it, everyone tells us that when we get there we will pick it up, so we are looking forward to that.
Since we thought Ajijic might be a good spot for us to settle down in we decided to go for a month, and live like a local, we took the bus to the different towns around the lake, ate at the local hangouts, spent time in the plazza, one thing that really suprised us was how everyone is out at night, they would be setting up food stands at 8:00, and all the families would be out, having a great time. We thought it was great, very different from where we live, they roll up the sidewalks at night in our town. The people that we talked to asked us why we picked the month of May to come for our visit, they say it is their hottest month, but being from Florida, we thought it felt pretty good.
We stayed at the same hotel for both our visits, Ajijic Suites, Elaine is the owner, and she is just great, they have a little apartment that we rented, it was just right for us, and a short walk to the center of town. She will even pick you up at the airport. We stay in touch through emails, and we will be staying with her again in May when we make the move. Well that's it for this post, hope you enjoyed it.


  1. Cher- Good for you! Your blog will be a fun way to digest and portray your adventures. I look forward to future entries! Jim Cook

  2. Hola Cher (y esposo), soy Gayle de Portland Oregon. I haven't yet met Patrica but, I agree, she's got an amazing blogsite, is honest, open & a fabulous photographer. I think it's great you've met her already.

    Yes, it's really tough to wade through all the 'stuff' we've accumulated over the years & weed out. When it's sitting in piles around the house, it's really only just so much 'crap', isn't it? I'm moving to Mexico - this year or next - but first have to get rid of all the household contents, the house, etc. It's befuddling (!!) to consider what I might miss having, what I need to have, etc. vs. what can be replaced there without heartache or concern. Holding a 'moving sale' seems silly to me: I don't think anything I have really has that much value! Do I take my clothes washer/dryer? No. Do I take my knitting yarn? Perhaps. Etc, Etc, ETc.

    Anyway, congrats on being more than ahead of the curve than I on making this move happen. I am envious. Gayle in Portland, OR