Monday, February 8, 2010

How it all started

On the malacon in Ajijic
People ask us all the time how did you find out about Ajijic? Well let me tell you, one night I was on the computer and I stumbled upon a blog called Jim & Caroles Mexico Adventure, on his blog he had some really nice pictures of Ajijic, I was very interested in this little village so I did some research, and contacted Jim, who was very helpful to us and answered all of our questions. We decided to go and visit in October of 08. I made our reservations and we were all set to go, meanwhile layoffs were going on where my husband worked, can you guess where this is going, yes that's right he got laid off! 19 years all gone ! When he told me the news I said well that may just make moving that much easier. So we stuck to our plans and headed for Mexico in October. I talked about Ajijic so much that our friends decided that they wanted to check it out too, which was really nice to have another couple along. We only stayed a week, which is not enough time but it gave us a feel for the place. The village is really nice we walked everywhere, the food was great and inexpensive, the people were so friendly to us, we knew that we would be back. We got to meet Jim and Carole, and we still email each other. Stay tuned for my next post, our second visit to Ajijic.

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