Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year !!!

Hola Readers,  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you all have a safe and Happy New Year!  Of course I was planning on updating my blog, thought I would manage to get a post in before Christmas but as you can see that didn't happen so you will all have to settle for a new one for new years.

Resolutions :  Well I don't usually make any that way I won't feel bad if I don't keep them. But I can say that I am going back on my diet, seems like some of my pants don't fit like they used to, must be that dryer!! lol

Snow birds:  Well it is snow bird season here in Ajijic, so that means more people out  and about, here at our apartment complex we have lot's of people here from Canada,  they are all really nice but they talk funny, always ending their sentences with Eh!!! so now I find myself doing that !

Christmas:  We had a nice Christmas here, everyone got together and had a pot luck dinner in the club house. All the food was delicious, and we did a gift exchange  that was fun. Being away from family during the holidays is hard, I was fine on Christmas day, but the day after was a little depressing for me, felt that way last year too.  Could go back and visit but traveling during the winter can be iffy and I Hate being cold.

Traveling:  We went to San Miguel a few weeks ago and I loved it there, beautiful city, very clean and so much shopping! they even had a starbucks there. The churches were just lovely and the plaza was alive with people. We had a really good time  and I want to go back and visit again.  I don't think I could live there as it gets cold there in the winter and as I just said I Hate being cold!!!

Horses:  Well as you all know I have a beautiful mare named Melaza, I love her and training her is awesome, we have really bonded. I can take off her tack and let her go and she will hang out with me. I have been riding her on the street now, had to finally get out of the riding ring, we were both getting bored in there. I'm not a big fan of riding by myself but a girl has to do what a girl has to do! I plan on asking hubby to build me a few small jumps  so I can start teaching her how to jump. Poor hubby just when he thought he was done with horsey things! When I first go Melaza she was black, then over the course of the year she got lighter,  but the other day I noticed that her face looked  darker, someone told me that she is getting ready to shed her winter coat and that she will be black under her winter coat, can't wait to see my girl all dark again! I mean she is awesome looking now but she is even prettier when she is black. 

Swimming:  I haven't been in the pool like I was in the summer, the nights get cool and it keeps the water a little chilly, of course there is hot water going into it during the day and we keep it covered at night, but we are spoiled and like it a little warmer. We laugh, cause people up north are getting snow and we complain about the water temperature. LOL

Zumba :  I have started going to Zumba  classes again. I used to love doing Zumba in Florida.  There is a class right across the street from me, it is held on a beautiful piece of property so it is a really nice place to be.   My second week into the class the instructor  went to China for the holidays, so I have been going to a gym in  town,  that way I can keep up with my lessons. Hope the Zumba helps with the weight loss. Will keep you posted.

Pictures:  Ok time to add some pictures to this post. Till next time, Happy trails to you!







The pictures of the churches and buildings were taken in San Miguel, and of course I had to add Melaza in my post. See ya next year!

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