Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Living Life

This is the new guy at the barn, he is a mule, his name is
Domino and Melaza likes him because she can boss him around!
Well it has been a long!!! time since I sat down to do a post, so long that I am out of practice. I was out with my girlfriend the other day and I told her, I don't know what I am doing with myself, but it seems like I can never find time to do my blog, so she said that I am busy living my life. I thought that sounded pretty good to me, so if you have been wondering what I have been up to, I've been busy living life!  I have to say it is a good life that we live here, beautiful weather, great people, inexpensive to go out and eat, etc.  Right now the snowbirds are arriving, good for the local business people, but not good for traffic. Our apartment  complex is now full, so we have lots of friends to socialize with, us full timers that live here are now outnumbered by Canadians, eh!!!  .

Weather: Well it is usually beautiful here everyday, but the last 3 days have been cloudy and today
it is raining, very unusual for this time of year.  Last night I took out our winter clothes and washed them all, and now they are in the closet all ready for us to wear, just in time! like right now I am a little chilly, so I have on my jeans and a long sleeve shirt. I think it will be cold tonight. Funny how spoiled we get with nice sunny weather. They say it will be like this till Wednesday I hope not !

Computers: Love or hate them, I am still not used to this new lap top, getting there but not there yet, it doesn't help that this has a Mexican key board so some things are in different places, really makes it interesting to use.

My Mare:  Love this mare of mine, she is awesome, so smart, learns everything quickly. I am teaching her to play soccer, yes that's right, soccer, she can roll the ball with her head, or she can
move it with her legs, she will now run after it, when she gets it in between the cones I make a big deal out of it and give her a treat.  Last week I rode her out on the street with 2 other woman, it was nice to get her out of the riding ring, have to say I miss my Florida trails. I am having so much fun training her, she makes it easy for me.

Diet: Well now that I took out my winter clothes seems like some of the pants shrunk, imagine that shrunk just sitting up there on the closet shelf all summer, don't know how that happened, but it looks like if I want to wear them and be comfortable I need to go back on my diet!  oh well I guess I have to give up my ice cream bars and my chips.

 Going places:  We have been able to go to a few new places here in Mexico, which I love doing, of course it is easy for me to say as Billy drives, but I do have to do the packing if it is an overnight trip, so I guess we both do our fair share.

Blog Friends:  One of the perks of writing a blog, you sometimes get to meet your readers, last year we met Collette & Rick and they came back again this year. We went to the open market on Monday with them and we will getting together while they are here for the month of November. They are a really nice couple, very easy to be around, wish they could stay longer.

Holidays:  The stores have their displays up already!! We were in Costco the other day and while everything looks so pretty it also makes me sad that I won't be spending my holidays with family. I have family in R.I. and Florida, so if you go to R.I. it will be Cold which we are not used to, and if we spend it in Florida it will be warm and it never really feels like Christmas. I guess we will just stay here in Mexico and Skype our family.  Living outside of the states has its ups and downs, and holidays without family is one of the downs. I won't be putting up my decorations to early, I did that with my Halloween things, and I couldn't wait to take them down.

Election night:  I am writing this on election night, none of our shows are on so I thought this would be a good time to finish this post, I started it a few days ago and then had to go out so I didn't get a chance to finish it. Hubby is watching the results, so glad to see so many people at the polls, and I will be so happy,  just like the rest of the country  when it is over.

Ok for some reason I am at a loss for words this evening, maybe I'm just tried, I did ride my mare this afternoon, so I am going to attempt to add the pictures now. Happy trails to you.

We thought our back splash was to boring!

Not anymore!


My mares tail all done up

Sunset from our bedroom window

One of my favorite drinks Lemonada

Lunch of fried shrimp, so much I had to bring some home
A very interesting  plant


What a good way to reuse your old auto parts

Well good news, the pictures loaded really good for me, will wonders never cease?????

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