Sunday, September 2, 2012

Our Summer Vacation 2012

Ok so it took me forever to find enough time to sit and write this blog, we have been back from vacation for 2 weeks now and things are back to normal, what ever that is!

Memories:  We spent one day driving around our old neighborhoods, and favorite places, things have changed so much here it doesn't look like the same state I grew up in. Some of the changes are for the better, like the beach we used to take the kids to, it has been all fixed up now,  nice showers and bathrooms they even put in a concession stand.  We went to a park that we both used to go to, the riding stables are back, the  barn was rebuilt, I didn't get out to check on what the price was to ride.
Seeing the park brought back some nice memories!

Cost of living:  Wow, everything is so expensive, the price of fruit and veggies are so much more than in Mexico, of course there are things here that cost less than in  Mexico like linens, and furniture. I found that living in R.I. would cost us a bundle.

Lifestyles:  I really like the laid back lifestyle that we have here, no one is in a rush, people talk to you instead of texting on their phones or listening to the tv, We went to a Mc Donalds and they had a tv in there, Really when did we become people that need to be entertained every waking moment??
Seemed like everyone was walking around with a smart phone and checking their messages or face book etc. When you do this are you in the now, how can you be aware of what is going on around you with your eyes glued to a phone screen. I found it rather sad.

Family & friends: Of course it was great seeing everyone that is why we went, Had some really good times,  Our grandson Ayden is getting big and he is so smart, he knows how to set up the Wii, I don't even know how to do that, and he's only 4.   We  went  and watched him take a swimming lesson at the Y he is going to be a good swimmer! We taught him how to play the card game war, and we said Ace beats everything, so every time one came up he would say Ace beats everything! So cute

Food: Had some good food and some not so good food. The prices at the beach for lunch were outrageous!! Had some little necks on the half shell, oh my they were delicious. Our  son cooked up some chicken and steak that was awesome, along with everything else that people brought to the cookout. Thank you Juile & Joey for having us all over, it was a wonderful day!

Weather:  The weather was really nice, we only had one day of rain. We managed to go to the beach in Rhode Island, I even went in the water which was very cold. Our son went in and managed to find enough clams so that Billy could make us a chowder, which was fabulous !

Forgiveness: I just finished reading a book about this and it said that you need to forgive yourself
along with the person who you need to forgive, so I decided to that on this trip. Do I feel better now
that I have done this, yes I do.

Taking things personally: Ok I really fell down on this one, I have read my book on this and I know
I am not suppose to take things personally but boy is that so hard to do, I took things personally and others took things personally which created bad feelings on every ones part. I re read some of my book when I got back,  Here is a quote "Don't take anything personally because by taking things personally you set yourself up to suffer for nothing". When we really see others as they are
without taking it personally, we can never be hurt by what they say or do. Guess I should
have brought the book with me. So now maybe we can all work on the forgiveness part?

Shopping:  Love the shopping, did so much that we had to buy a suitcase to haul all our new stuff home. I should be all set in clothes department for awhile now! There was so many nice things that I could have bought, good thing there is a weight limit on what you can bring back. LOL

Had a wonderful time in Florida too, I went to see my friend Chris, who I gave my mare to and they are both doing great.  We spent some time with our son and our gran daughters, the girls are growing up so fast . Went to the beach which was awesome, we do miss the beach. Had a chance to go out riding with my friend Helen, we went out twice! Thanks Helen. My friend Pam and I went shopping together, something that we used to do when I lived there, found lot's of good buys at my favorite store Beal's outlet!

Home again:  Back to our routine, lazy days, lot's of sunshine, rain at night, riding and training my girl, swimming in the pool, lunch with my friends, yes life is sooo hard here in Mexico! Before we left to go back to the states I wasn't in love with our new place thought about moving out, but something strange happened, when I got back and I looked around I realized that I do really like it here, it may be small but it is all we need and with our stunning views and the pool it is a wonderful place to be. We have decorated it to suit our taste, we are even going to put some tile up on the backsplash, which I already bought, it will look amazing when it is done. Maybe I will post some pictures when it is finished. Speaking of posting pictures time to wrap this up and post some of our vacation. Just a few don't want to bore my readers. LOL!

Lunch at the beach, I had the clam roll and yes I ate
the whole thing!
boats at the dock
The Beach! in  R.I.

Clams that Steve  got out of the ocean, Billy made chowder
from them sooo good !

Ayden enjoying the water

Clams on the half shell, these were so good!!!

Master chef Steve at the grill

Getting ready to Jump, watch out!

Our son Steve, wife Laurie & gran son Ayden

Juile & Joey

My Sister Linda

Billy at the beach


Gran pa & Ayden
Last family picture before heading back

Billy & our son Brian

Gran ma & her girls

My friend Pam

Helen and I going for a ride

Chris with our girl !

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