Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Woman Can Change Her Mind, Can't She ?

Well actually it wasn't so much as me changing my mind as it was Billy making the decision for me. I wrote in my last blog that Melaza's owner has decided to move back to Canada, so she was going to sell both horses. Well Billy thought that we should keep Melaza since I made the mistake of falling in love with her as I was training  her. Of course, Melaza made that real easy to do, she has a great personality  and is a very quick learner. So when Billy told me I needed to keep her I didn't argue with him.  Despite my last post where I wrote that I didn't want to own a horse in Mexico, I now own one! Dulce is Melaza's mom and we
had a few people come out and look at her and we had her sold to one lady, but we didn't think it would be the best fit for Dulce.  But we didn't have any other options so it looked like she was going to get Dulce. But then the universe lined up and I found out that the woman, Stephanie, who bought all the equipment from Sherry might be interested in a nice safe riding horse. I was like OMG you have to buy her she would be great for you! I had been out to Stephanie's place a few days ago so I knew just how nice Dulce would have it there, plus Stephanie takes great care of all her animals.  I made arragements for Stephanie to come out and ride her right away, we had to close this deal fast!  She came out along with her girlfriend, Elaine, and they both rode her, thought she was great and showed me the Money!!! Deal done, happy ending! I had to go out and find a place to board Melaza. I managed to find one not to far away from me, and the woman who runs it also does Parelli! so that should be a good fit for us. Melaza is not used to a stall, she had free run at our last place so that will be an adjustment for her, and she has never been away from her mom for more than a few hours so that will be new for her too. There is a horse next to her so hopefully she will like him. The new place has a dog park and there are all kinds of obstacles that we can play with . I am looking forward to that, but not sure if Melaza is. I will let you know how she feels about that in a future post.

Waiting: When you live in Mexico you have to get used to waiting, like right now I am waiting for the guys to call me when they get close to the ranch because they are going to be taking the fencing down and the two shelters that are out there. Then today at 3 we have someone coming to trailer the horses out. I hope that they load right up for us as they are not used to being trailered so we shall see how this goes.

MRI in Mexico:  I had to get Billy's permission to post this as this story is about him. Billy has had pain in his neck now for a long time, (no, not me) so he went to a doctor who ordered an MRI for him, so that we would know what is going on in there. We had to drive in to Guadalajara, because that is where all the big medical facilities are. We find the place, go in and pay for the test, which by the way was only 351.00 dollars, and wait downstairs for our turn. After a few minutes they call us in, they lay Billy on the table, put this plastic cage-like mask thing over his head to keep it still, oh no that is not going to fly, they have to take it off him, and try to calm him down. Ok so then Billy makes the mistake of asking "How long do I have to be in there"?  They replied "35 minutes". NO way he said I can't do this I'm sorry Cher. I couldn't believe it!!!! the nurse said don't worry this happens all the time. Did I mention that Billy is claustrophobic!!!! So upstairs we go agian to make another apointment for him, this time they are going to knock him out. At that point I wanted to knock him out!!!!! lol  I guess it is hard to understand if you don't have a problem with small spaces, he doesn't even like elevators. Not a big fan of flying either. No problem with it the next time, just gave him a shot and he was out like a light.( where did that saying come from?)  We got the results back, brought them to the doctor who then told us Billy had a pinched nerve and would need surgery. Set us up with another doctor of course in GDL again, we go and see him, did I mention this one was really cute??? He examined Billy and looked at the MRI and said you don't need surgery you have a very weak neck muscle, gave him muscle relaxers and told him he would need PT. We are very glad he doesn't need the surgery but he still has pain in his neck.  Billy will be going to PT next week and we  will see if that helps.

Vacation:  I am on count down mode now, one month, 4 short weeks away and we will be in the states. All we talk about is who we will see and what foods we are going to eat!! I am going to have to do some kind of exercise while I am gone or I will gain to much weight . I haven't left yet and I already miss my animals, never thought I would be saying that but you do get so attached to them. We are having a friend, Dale, come in and spend the nights here so the cats will have a person around. We thought that would be the best way to go, 3 weeks is to long for some one to just come in and check on them. Now  I have to decide on what to pack. I don't plan on bringing to much with me as I want to buy some new clothes once I get there. I have a date with my friend Pam who lives in Florida, she's a great shopping buddy. Clothes shopping,  lunch,  and catching up! Gran Kids, we are so looking forward to seeing them, they grow so fast, it was hard saying goodbye to them when we moved here.  Then there's the beach. Oh I can't wait to go to the beach in Florida, I miss it, beautiful sandy beaches warm water! Then I have my horsey friends that want me to go out and ride with them, ok so they won't have to twist my arm to get me to go out.  Rhode Island will be fun, lot's of  family to see  things to do, and food to eat !!!! I might need a vacation from my vacation.

Wrap it up:  This is post is being done in 2 parts, I am going to take some pictures of the horses moving today, so I will finish this later, of course that is if the internet is working. Till then Happy Trails to you.

Back Again:  Well I am so happy to report that the girls loaded right up, and the guy who did the hauling for us was right on time! so off to their new homes they went, they are both doing fine, Dulce, Melaza's mom got a little upset when Melaza got off the trailer and she didn't, but I have heard from Dulce's new mom that she is doing fine, and she already has a buddy out there. Life is good.

Pictures: ok time for me to try and load them for all to enjoy wish me luck!

Stephanie taking Dulce for a test ride

Melaza checking out her new place
Melaza running the fence line

checking out the riding ring, where we will be spending lot's of time.

one of her stable buddies  Nubay

The view from the riding ring.

The view of the mts. from out bedroom this morning those are clouds running
down them, so cool !

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