Monday, March 5, 2012

The Honey Moon Is Over !

What honeymoon you ask? Your marriage? No that's not it. Your new life in Mexico? No that's not  it either.
The honey moon I 'm referring  to is the one that we had going on with living in this apartment complex.
Details you say, spill the beans, what is going on? Well this is what happened, and I guess all good things must come to an end, or as the song says, every new beginning  comes from some other beginnings end. So we have lived here for 18 months, and we have had our cats for all of this time at least one of them. The lady up stairs also has 2 cats and then there are two strays that come around once in awhile, well one night our next store neighbor left his screen door open and a cat, don't know which one, came into his apartment and walked across his white couch with their dirty little paws! Rather than come to us, he went to the manager, who in turn called her boss the owner of this place, long story short we were told to keep the cats in or move! Have you ever tried keeping two cats in that love to play outside, I mean they don't understand why all of a sudden they can't go out! After two days of listening to them meow, and them making a run for the door every time we were going out, we said enough! So we began our hunt for a new place. Of course the first question we would ask, was we have 2 cats can they go out??? We found a new apartment, small complex, nice clean pool, club house, so we will be moving at the end of this month. The new place isn't as big as this apartment, but it does have a heated pool, which I know I will use all the time. I told Billy if we get on each others nerves He can go to the clubhouse! Last Sunday we gave them our deposit, so now I get to pack this place up, lucky for us we can have the keys early, so we can do it a little at a time, plus the new place is only 4 minutes from here. The word is out here that we are leaving and everyone that has talked to us about this, are very unhappy to see us go, Billy was like the social director here, I guess Brant will have to take that job back.  But new beginnings are good, I'm looking forward to decorating again. The new place is very modern, and our old place is very Mexican, so two totally different  looks! I will post pictures of the new place soon, I forgot to take our camera with us last week. I will do before and after pictures like I did when we moved in here.

Long time no post: What can I say life is good and busy. I signed in to do this post and it looks like they changed the set up once again. Why can't they leave things alone? Oh when I logged in it brought me to an overview page, which tells you how many people are viewing your blog, where the traffic is coming from etc. I thought that was a handy feature, good to know that there are some people reading this despite my lack of updating it more often.

Blog friends:  I had a woman contact me from my blog, her and her husband were coming for a visit and they wanted to know if we could meet up, so being the nice person that I am  LOL I said of course ! So we went out to dinner with Collette and her husband Rick, we hit it off and had a great time, we invited them to go with us to experience the open market in Chapala, then out to lunch, which they paid for Thanks Guys! Then we had them over for dinner on Thursday night. They will be back in November, and we will defiantly be getting together again. They are the second couple that we have met through my blog, one of the nice benefits of  writing this.

Horse Update:  Melaza is doing great, learns everything quickly, next week we are going to try cantering her, while I'm riding her, she does it really well on line. I know she will catch on, she has so far with everything else. She will now side pass over the barrels for me and the other day she jumped them for me, all on line. She is starting to get used to the dogs, Sherry brings her 3 out on Sundays and our neighbor Craig has a few and he brings his over sometimes, she isn't a big fan of the dogs, she likes to keep an eye on them, and when there's 3 of them it's hard to do, but I noticed that o Sunday she wasn't so concerned about them. Very important that she isn't bothered by them as there are lots of them running free on the streets. I am really enjoying the time I spend with her.

Diet Update:  So far so good, managing to keep the weight off, and when I start swimming in that new pool, I hope to lose my belly again!

Elvis has left the building:  We went to see Elvis last week, I mean a Mexican Elvis, Who Knew?  I thought he was pretty good, and Billy thought it was pretty lame, although I saw him taping his foot to the music. We knew the back up band and they are really good, so all in all I thought it was a great night, we don't usually go out at night, so it was a nice change.

Food: Love the food here well most of it, some of it you couldn't pay me to eat, but to each his own. I love frozen lemonade here, they have lemon, strawberry, and mango, I get it once a week in Chapala, I have chili powder put in mine, so good you have the sweetness and then a kick!!! awesome, when I told this to Collette and Rick I think they thought I was crazy!!! that's what I used to think too  LOL
We went out to breakfast last Sunday, it was a breakfast buffet and it was really good and inexpensive too, it was at Mel's diner upstairs on the patio. Billy plays cards there on Fridays. The card game that he runs here will still go on Sparky lives here so he will keep it going and Billy will come back to play. The best of both worlds.

Weather:  What can I say, beautiful out, every day sunshine. Love, Love the weather here.

 Wrap it up! ok, now it is time for me to end this part of the blog, time to add the pictures, I will have a faster internet speed at the new place and I hope that helps with the picture aspect of this blog.

One Last Thing: Found this in a local magazine thought I would pass it on.

The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age!

Marriage is the process of finding out what kind of man your wife would have preferred!

Pictures loaded, just took awhile!


 Brian James band was the back up music

Bounce less for the moment!

Street band at Gossips

These guys were awesome

Private residence, pool with a view!

I liked this picture so much I made it my wallpaper on our desk top.

Billy & Rick

We just had to take this picture, lucky for me I had the camera!

Rick and Collette

Ready to Ride!


  1. Hola Cheryl !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great pics ......even of Rick and I .....LOL

    Thanks again for your wonderful Hospitality

    Hasta Luego............Collette

  2. Hi Cheryl, Sorry to hear about the cat problems. I would love to see photos of where you are going to be living. One door closes, another one opens. Your friend, Patricia