Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So much to say !

Hola fellow readers, did you think I fell off the face of the earth? Well no I didn't, just  been busy living life here in Mexico. I just can't believe how fast time goes by, and should that be bye or is it just by, I always forget the rule for that. Speaking of spelling does anyone else find that the spelling on face book is awful! I mean they do have spell check on there. I still enjoy going on it, but I some times wonder why people post negative stories on there. I guess it is just part of life?

Horses:  They are doing great Malaza the filly I am training is awesome, she is learning everything I throw at her, so smart! I have taught her all of Parelli level 1, and we are going to start level 2 next week, I can't wait to see how she does with that.

Weather: The weather this winter has been so different then last year, it is not as cold, but it has been very cloudy, last year there were hardly any clouds. Right now it is cool out, and it even rained a little yesterday and this morning. The cool weather is great for riding the horses and my fires at night!

Trips:  Took a trip to the beach, we went to Barra and had a wonderful time, love the beach, we really miss it, we would go all the time in Florida. On the way home we stopped in Colima, it is a very nice city and we plan on going there again, we might stay overnight so we can do more exploring.

Blogging:  It had been so long since my last one I had to go read my last post, because I forgot what I had blogged about!  I always have good intentions of sitting down and doing a new one, but then I get busy and another day goes bye, kind of like how I should be studying my Spanish !!!! LOL

Chapala Web Board:  Do any of you read that? It is full of good info if you are planning on moving here. I was on it all the time before we made the move.  I usually like going on there but sometimes people go off the subject, and put their rants in,  it can get nasty, but it also can be funny. Billy actually was suspended for a few weeks for something that he posted. Too funny. The moderator can do that!  I was going to post something the other day under dining but I haven't yet. We went to a local restaurant that everyone is raving about, it took 25 minutes to get our breakfast! another couple came in after us, got their meal first and they were done eating  by the time ours arrived. I almost walked out! and to make matters worse, my eggs weren't even that hot. I will try them one more time for lunch, and see how that goes. This restaurant will probably do good because they are catering to the gringo crowd.

Deep thoughts:  My sister posted this on face book, If you were on your death bed would you be happy with your life, your family, your partner,  would you have things you want to say to people, people that have hurt  you, or would you be at peace? I wrote back a long response to that question. I told her that most people are unconscious and they don't even realize that they have hurt you, and it is our egos that are hurt not our real selves. Actually if you go back and tell them that you have been hurt it will be our ego that will be speaking. I know very hard to separate the two. It takes lot's of practice not to take things personally, but it is something worth mastering. I still have to tell myself  " now don't take that personally Cheryl!" anyway my answer was I would be at peace, I have lived a good life, have a wonderful husband, good friends, great family, etc. I sometimes tell Billy if I died tomorrow I would die happy.  Oh and yesterday I got to practice don't take that personally Cheryl, some one called me a party pooper, why you ask ? Well I don't drink, never acquired a taste for booze, so I was at a party and not drinking like usual and she called me a party pooper. I had to laugh to myself. This lady also had lot's of negative things to say about a mutual  acquaintance of ours, I wanted to ask her, didn't your mother ever tell you if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all???? Talk about unconscious behavior!

Wow: Ok this is what happens when I haven't posted in awhile I go on and on. When I sat down to write this post I was wondering what I was going to talk about, guess I shouldn't have worried about that. Billy tells me I am not usually at a loss for words. LOL  I get quiet when I am hungry so he has to  make sure he keeps me fed!  It is really funny, I will get quiet, but then as the food kicks in my energy goes up, and the lips start talking, I am cracking myself up! guess you have to know me to appreciate that.

Books: Right now I am reading Sing you Home by Jodi Picoult, I stayed up till midnight reading it. I should be done with it tonight, very good book started out a little slow but got better.

TV: I love watching HGTV,  so glad we get that now. One of my favorites is Income Property, where they fix up your rental unit, great ideas. Also love Holmes on Homes, unbelievable the things he finds wrong with properties,  I feel bad for the owners, unreal what shoddy work some builders do. It feels a little different to watch it here in Mexico, where most people don't have anything, so to see these people who need so much or think they do, some times it is a little sad.

Universe Moments: I am a big believer in the universe, and how you can use it in your life, if you may attention you will find it works all the time but you have to believe. Billy was a nonbeliever, but when he saw how often it works he now believes, anyway! a few weeks ago we were planning on making a trip to the beach, we went to a local travel agency here, and got some info on a bus trip, we told the girl we would think about it. The next morning there was an email from our friends Rick and Kathy inviting us to their place at Barra, so of course we took them up on it, had a great time with them. Another moment was last week, Billy called our son to ask him about laptops, we are thinking about getting one, and where was our son when he answered our call, at Best Buy!!! looking at I Pads, he bought one and loves it, so while he was there he looked at some laptops for us.

Super Bowl Sunday: Well what can I say about that, being from New England and being a patriot fan I can say Go Patriots!!!!

Pictures:  Ok time to try and post so pictures wish me luck. Hope you all enjoyed this post, don't forget you can click on the pictures to enlarge them, and your comments are always welcomed.

Hurricane Damage from last year

Thought this would be an interesting picture

Mother Nature at her worst

Billy Chillin

Having a wonderful time!

Billy in the water, water spot on the lens.

all lined up and waiting for the people.

colorful floats!

beautiful sculpture

 Scenes from Colima:
street scene Colima

wifi stations in the plaza

lunch anyone?

I think this was in front of the Best Western Hotel


sunset from my friend Sherry's house

beautiful sunset over the water

Well it took awhile to add these but I did it, time to go visit the horses.

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