Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Not enough hours in the day?

When I first moved here to Mexico, I would wake up in the morning and say to myself, ok so what are you going to do with yourself today?  I had endless hours to do nothing with, it was so strange to find myself in a strange land, with no job, no yard work etc. I did manage to catch up with my reading which I love. Now I find myself with to much to do. Which is a good thing, I'm not complaining, just seems funny how things have changed. The one thing that is taking up so much of my time is my friend Sherry's horses, and the land that she has them on. The place that she is leasing was waist high with weeds, well it looks nothing like that anymore, with a lot of hard work, we have managed to transform the place. Now that it looks nice we are working on putting in an obstacle course for the horses. We want people who have horses to come out and use it, also plan on having a horse fun day.  My husband Billy will be helping us build some of the obstacles for it. We already have the pole bending course up, and we have barrels for barrel racing, or in my case barrel trotting! I am also busy training Melaza, I have started riding her, which really means I have been on her back and we walked around the round pen for a few minutes, which is a very good start. I will be out there this afternoon to ride her, and I love  riding her mom too, she is all trained and a pleasure to ride.

Christmas: We had a nice Christmas and I was doing great, not missing everyone in the states until my son Skyped us, and everyone was at his house having a great time, then I started missing  them, after that my Christmas spirit kinda left me. I already took down all the Christmas decorations, something  that I never do till after the 1st of the year. Oh well like they say you can't have everything.

City:  My friend Julie, goes into Guad. all the time and sometimes I go with her, I love going into Guad. I wouldn't want to live there, but I love to visit it, so much to do and see. I just love people watching, and there were plenty to watch. I really am surprised that I like  the city, I usually don't like noise and crowds but I don't mind it at all when I am there. If you can't find what you are looking for in Guad, then you don't need it. It really helps to have someone with you who knows all the places to shop. My friend Jeanne, wanted  to go to the fabric stores as did Charis, Julie goes for the yarn and beads, and I went to look for some new clothes. We all managed to find things to buy, so it was a very successful day for all of us. I also remembered to take my camera so I could have  some new pictures for my blog. Get this I even had a spare battery for my camera, so I was prepared ! see you can teach an old dog new tricks. LOL

My Blog: Sometimes I think about not writing this blog, it takes awhile to do, with taking pictures, downloading them, finding something to say that will keep my readers coming back for more etc., but then I will go online and there will be a comment from a new reader, telling me that she likes my blog and horses, and she is looking forward to reading more, so what can you do, you say to yourself, and there you have it, you have to keep on writing.  So thank you readers for your comments, it is what keeps me going.

Traveling:  I told hubby, that we need to start seeing more of Mexico, next month we are going to go to Colima, it is only a 2 hour drive away, and I hear it is nice there, warmer than here as it is closer to the beach, maybe we will even go to the beach, which I really miss. I will post on that trip when we return.

Tapalpa:  We went to Tapalpa with our friends Jeanne and Eric, beautiful countryside, I thought it would be cold but it wasn't bad at all, we stayed over night because Jeanne and Eric were going Paragliding first thing in the morning. I took pictures of that but for some reason they didn't come out good so that is why there is only 1 posted here. This was our second time visiting Tapalpa, it is a nice quiet town, with lot's of little shops to wander in and out of. On our way into town we stopped at a little local store, we walked in and there was a young Mexican man with a smile from ear to ear, he spoke to us in his broken English and asked us where we were from and did we like Mexico, he was so happy to practice his English on us, this happens time and time again, it always makes us smile that the Mexican people are so proud to know some English. Now if only some of the Americans would show the same back by trying to learn Spanish that would be great!

Spanish lessons: My teacher is on vacation, and I am suppose to be studying on my own, and am I??? well not as much as I should be, I did do some homework, and I did study my nouns, so I guess I did some but I could do more, I have another week left before she gets back, after all I don't want to get detention.

Ok got to wrap this up and go ride Melaza this afternoon. Hope all my readers had a wonderful Christmas and Have a safe and Happy New Year.

The City at Christmas time
Me trying on my wings, I think I need a smaller size.
City traffic

I could not believe how they decorate your nails here!

My shopping buddies, from Left to right  Charis, Jeanne & Julie 

Guess who?

City Sights

People watching

the shoe shine man

something for everyone

street player

beautiful sand sculpture

cops on bikes

life size Nativity

Mexico's Michaels



This is Las Piedrotas
This is where Jeanne & Eric jumped off the mountain side!


town square

 are we lost?  Our friends Chris & Barbara 

Church Bells

The view from up high

typical street in Tapalpa

another view of the church

church at sunset

either Jeanne or Eric, two wild and crazy people!

Animal Pictures:
One of my favorite pictures 

Our cats, taking a cat nap of course!

Sherry on Dulce

The girls in their Santa hats!

Melaza, ok are we done now?
Hope you all enjoyed the pictures, today they loaded right up, thank God!


  1. LOVED the Pic's !!!!!!!!!!!

    8 weeks and counting and we will be there

    Happy New year !!!!!!!!


  2. great photos - i sure like to see your part of Mexico -- I live in Cabo and all I see is sea and cactus..wink!