Sunday, October 2, 2011

Random Pictures

Ok, I think I am losing my mind!!! I started a blog yesterday and I had to stop and go out so I saved it to my drafts, this morning I go into my draft folder and I find this blog sitting in there, I must have started it and then forgot about it. Wow I must have to much on my mind, no I don't think so. I think I will add some more pictures to it and then hit Publish!

Two hoses fighting, took this picture in a town plaza.

Lunch in Chapala,, so great to have music while you are enjoying lunch!

My friend Sherry on her new horse!

This is the filly of the mare that Sherry is riding, she bought her too, and I get to train her.

Pretty with her bows on.

Thought this was interesting, not sure what you would do with it, but interesting.

Our friends Jo and  Brian, I didn't catch the  other guys name. 

A colt at the stable I ride at.

I was training this colt but after only 7 sessions his owner told me I made him to calm??? I said isn't that what you wanted? How can you train a horse if it isn't calm first, they do things differently here, that's for sure!

Waiting for their owners to finish lunch.

 A window in a building.

Our two cats.

This is on a garage door.
This picture is for my friend Helen, she has a donkey in Florida.

A garage door in town.

Some of the garage doors here are so pretty.

We were walking by this property when the doors started closing, I managed to
 get this shot in.

Our baby girl Cali.

More beautiful doors.

Thought this was a pretty cool looking building.

Nice paint job.

Please let us out!

 I want to come out and play

Pretty little mare that we see on our walks.

A very friendly cat, had to stop and pet it.

This is what we see if we walk up the hill, don't always do this walk, it is hard on the legs!

Getting ready  for Halloween.

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