Friday, September 9, 2011

The Case of the disappearing blog

Sing to to tune of  Where has my doggie gone:  Where oh where has my blog gone, oh where oh where can that post be, it took me so long to write the damn thing and now it not here to see . As anyone who has been reading my blog knows, I don't seem to have to much luck doing this, and now a new problem has come up! A few of my readers have let me know that my last blog has disappeared, it must be somewhere in cypher space. I was really upset to hear about this as it took a long time to down load all the pictures that went with that post. I know I published it  because I read it.  Then today when I was getting ready to do this one I checked and my last post is not even in the new font that I have been using, oh well that's life I guess. This post will be short with no pictures in it, as it is 9:00 pm  and I tried downloading my pictures and it wouldn't so it is to late to fight with this, maybe this weekend  I will add some pictures . I have lot's of pictures that I have been taking  so I need to get them posted.

Diet: going great lost 13 lbs, and holding there, want to lose just 3 more, all my pants fit me now  :)!

Life:  Is  really good, feel good, still swimming, pool is starting to cool down, the nights here are getting chilly along with the mornings, beautiful out during the afternoon. We are getting our FM3's renewed so I guess I will be living here for another year LOL .  I am getting used to this Mexican way of life, learning to let go of our NOB attitudes about everything, well some things are hard to let go of but I am trying. Trying hard to learn the language, so I will know what the clerk is saying to me, or the waiter, etc. Billy is doing great with that part.

Horses: still riding on Wednesdays, training a colt, and he is coming along, having lot's of fun working with him, won't be able to ride him till April when he turns 2 so I have plenty of time to do all of his ground work. Will be posting a picture of him soon.

Friends: making new ones, having fun with our old ones. I go to lunch with a bunch of great women on Fridays, we go to a different place every week, which is really nice, gives me a chance to try out all the local restaurants here.

Cats: our cats are so fun to have around, they love to play and chase each other, our little girl is now 5 months old, next month she will be getting fixed, then she can go out with her brother.

New Places: We have gone to a few new places for day trips, and I do plan on blogging about them in the future. I need a whole day just to sit here and get everything together and then do a few posts, and publish them later. Yea that sounds like a great idea, it is just finding the time to do it! The days just fly by here.

My Readers:  Thanks so much for letting me know about my blog, hope you all hang in there while I keep at this, I may someday get this down, of course then I will have to find something new to complain about, I bet I could find something! LOL  Well that's all for now, will blog again soon.

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