Friday, October 14, 2011

Living life here in Mexico

Living Life:  So just what have I been up to these days? Well that is a really good question, I guess you could say just busy living my new life here in Mexico. I'm still on my diet, someone asked me the other day how long I would be on this diet, and I said probably for the rest of my life, now that I have been doing this for awhile, it is getting easier. Yesterday I tried on a pair of pants that I couldn't get buttoned before, and they fit, I got to wear them out that day, I was really happy, that was the last pair that I needed  to get into.

Hair: Today I am going to go and get my hair cut, now I am sure all you ladies out there can relate to this, I am so tired of playing with my hair, it is short right now but I still have to use my flat iron on it or sometimes my curling iron, if I don't it just doesn't look nice. I have had a love hate relationship with my hair now since I was 13. When I was young my mom used to set my hair in curlers, remember those days ladies. Then one day she told me I had to do it myself, I remember standing in front of the mirror trying to get those curlers in my hair, I had to rip some of them out and start again, I even remember crying, I couldn't believe my mom was making me do this on my own. Through the years I have had my hair, long, short, straight, permed, red, blonde, I even had purple highlights, so what is left???  Well if I was brave enough I would shave it, not down to the skin but really short, my husband told me to go for it !  since I am not that brave I will have to decide what to tell the hairdresser to do with it. I have 30 minutes to go before I walk through his door. I will probably decide while I am sitting in his chair.  Ok I am back from getting my hair cut, didn't get is shaved but did get it cut short So I am sitting there waiting for my turn and my hairdresser is cutting a guy, and I am thinking wow I like his hair cut, so I said to my hairdresser, Dario, can you cut my hair like that and he said yes, well he thought I just meant  the back of the hair cut, so he is cutting my hair and I am thinking that this isn't what I had in mind, so he starts blow drying it, and I am sitting there saying to myself, are you going to tell him  he needs to go shorter? So he gets done blow drying it and it looks nice but not what I was aiming for, I decide to speak up and I say you know this doesn't look like the guy's haircut, and he said you want it to look like the guy's cut ! and I said yes, so he said well that won't look Feminine !!!! but I can cut more, of course by now he is running behind, but he did cut it and boy did he cut it fast!!!!! but it looks great and I left happy. No more standing in front of the mirror for 10 minutes every morning. I should have had this cut at the beginning of the summer!

Surprises: My friend Sherry had to go back to Canada and while she was there she said she was going to go to the tack store and was there anything I wanted? I don't have a western saddle and I know I will need one to ride the filly in so I really could use that, actually she offered to bring me one and I told her why would you want to lug one of them back on the plane. Well she goes to the tack store and gets me one, but this is what she told me when she got back. "Oh I went to the tack store and all they had was English tack, their other store in the next town has western tack, but I told them I didn't have time to go there, so I couldn't get you the saddle." I said that's ok, I will just have to figure something else out. On Saturday we were having a little get together here and I am sitting down, with my back to the wall on our patio, and they tell me stand up don't look back, and turn around, and there is a new black western saddle sitting there, well I was speechless, which anyone who knows me can tell you that doesn't happen to often. LOL  So now I have a nice new saddle, can't wait to try it out. There is a nice tack store about 45 minutes from here, but the saddles there are very expensive. I did finally buy a helmet there which I love, of course I am the only one of our gang who uses one but I don't care. I am thinking about having one of the local ladies that does weaving here make me a saddle blanket, just as soon as I figure out what colors I would like.

Horses: We went out to see the horses on Monday, I didn't get to work with the filly to long, as the vet actually showed up on time! He came out to put a brand on the filly, here they brand the horses that  way no one will steal them. They used a freeze brand on her, you use dry ice instead of heat, of course she had to be sedated for this, you don't want them to move or the brand won't look good.We renamed the filly, her new name is Melaza which means molasses in Spanish.Just hope she won't be slow as molasses! LOL

Weather:  Usually the weather here is awesome, but this week it has been cloudy out and last night and today it has been raining, this is from the hurricane that hit. The rain is very welcome right now because we didn't have a very good rainy season this summer. We don't receive any rain during the winter, so by the time the summer rolls around we are so ready for it. So today being a good day to stay indoors and get things done, I managed to haul out my winter clothes, and washed a few of my long sleeve shirts, so now I am ready for the cooler weather, watch tomorrow will be sunny & hot ! I haven't been in the pool all week and I miss it.

Yard Sale:  We are going to have a yard sale here on the complex, Billy and I are organizing it, I have a few of my friends that are going to bring some of their stuff over too, we hope it will be a success. I plan on putting my English saddle up for sale, I hate to sell it, but I don't think I will be using it here.

Well that about wraps this post up, time to try and post some pictures. Till next time. Adios

My friend Sherry riding Dulce

Putting the brand on her.
Me riding Dulce

Me working with the filly
Looking all pretty

Giving her the shots.

This little guy lives at the stable that I ride at, I nicknamed him.He's  2 F in cute. Cause he is!

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  1. Wow,now I get it - I was at the yard sale last weekend -- knew I remembered Billy -- I had come over to your place in Rancho del Oro with Patricia Walker months ago...after reviewing your blog it came clear to me. So glad ya'll are enjoying Mexico and the four of us need to get together again. Stacey Hewitt