Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I found my post of Our Trip to Mazamitla !

Omg, I fond the missing post it was in my drafts, I have no idea how it could be in my drafts, yet have the subject line appear in my friends blog, oh well I am just happy that I found it, and can share it with my readers, hope you enjoy it.

Last month we decided to take a trip to Mazamiltla. It is only 90 minutes away and the roads you travel on are really good. The scenery was just beautiful, it reminded me of Vermont. The next time we go we are going to take one of the tour buses, so we can see more of the area. We had a great time exploring the plaza, eating lunch and talking to one of the store owners.

very pretty building next to the church.

Beautiful views all around.

We talked to the owner of this store, he said it was 400 years old.

The floor of the store that is 400 years old, if it could talk what would it say?

Would love to have this on my front lawn!

confession anyone?

Inside of the church, better view if you enlarge this one.

view of  the inside of a restaurant, taken from the street.

                                                              Where we ate our lunch.

This picture is for my Florida friends.

The church in front of the plaza.

Very overcast day , we even had some rain.

Some things for sale in one of the shops.

This was in the hotel lobby, I wonder how old it is?

One of the side streets.

hotel balcony, very nice rooms.

Diet: Well I am happy to report that the diet is going very well, I have lost between 10-13 lbs. depending on what scale I choose to believe. We did buy a scale at Radio Shack last week, so now I can keep track of how much I am losing. I swim every day  and that is helping reduce the belly, but that still has a way to go, don't know if I will ever lose it but I am sure going to try. I couldn't wait till the end of the month to try on my pants that didn't fit anymore, and they now fit :)! so  I have two more pants that I can wear, and all my shorts are fitting much better. Billy is losing weight too, and we both go for walks every day, we can now walk for an hour with out being tired. I even have him walking fast. When we walk into town now it is no big deal. Well that's all for now. Adios !!!

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