Monday, August 8, 2011

What we see on our walks !

Well it's that time again, time to update my blog. Today I thought I would do a post on what we see when we go for a walk around our little village. Billy and I have been walking everyday now for the past week. Why you ask? Well we both decided we needed to lose some weight! so he is on Atkins and I am on weight watchers. I didn't think I could deal with no carbs, I'm a carb gal so weight watchers works for me. I don't know how much I have lost yet, no scale to weigh in on, but we are planning a trip to Costco on Thursday and if they have scales there I will get one. My goal is to lose 15lbs. and then keep it off! I think my belly is getting a little smaller from all the swimming I am doing. At the end of August I will try on the pants that I couldn't get into, which prompted me to start this diet in the first place. On weight watchers they give you points for your food, I get to eat 29 a day. The first 2 weeks I was hungry, but not anymore. It is amazing how much food we eat with out even thinking about it. Now I think about what is going in, and keep it to my 29 points. I also get full pretty fast, which is a good thing.Well I guess I got off topic there, back to walking around town. I know I know that whenever I leave the house I should always bring my camera with me, I know it but do I do it???? NO. Last week we went to the grocery store, I said, well I won't bring my camera, wrong I should have brought it. Right next door to the store there was a group of horses and riders going out! Then the other night we went out to dinner, again no camera and there across the street is this rider on his beautiful horse leading another beautiful horse across the road, passed right in front of us!! and there I stood with no camera!!! Moral of the story bring my camera!!!! and of course make sure the battery is fully charged, oh yea I have been taking pictures when, oh no dead battery! Is there any way I can blame Billy for my lack of planning ahead? I mean he is always trying to blame me for things. LOL So on our walk today I had the camera and a full battery and the following pictures are what we get to look at. Hope you enjoy them.

Ajijic Malecon,  in the background are the police riding their bikes

This man is waiting for his friend, who had just dismounted.

Painted on the outside of one of the shops in town.

Can't miss this house.

The candy man and coffee man

This is above a doorway in town.

Very colorful picture above their shop.

This picture is not to far from our place, we pass it all the time, if you enlarge it you can see a sparkle
in his left eye.

One of the streets in our neighborhood.

Beautiful paintings on the wall of their studio.

Love the doors that some people have, there are so many different ones I could do a post on them.

This is the wall of the house with the above doors.

These two pictures are painted on a house, I couldn't believe it when we saw this, so pretty and different!

Santa brought his wife along to keep him company!

Looking down the road heading west.

Here in town, you can actually call someone and have them bring the horses to you, gotta love this place!

The lake and mountains looking south.

One of the local eating spots, haven't tried it yet.

The roads turn green  during the rainy season.

These are the tallest bird of paradise plants I have ever seen.

Setting up for a birthday party on the malecon.

Grazing along the road. There are so many horses here that don't have any pasture so their owners tie them
up by the side of the road so they can graze.

Just hanging out enjoying the day.

Well once again this blog took way to long to do, I started it last night and the computer speed was to slow to download my pictures so I shut it down, and tried again this morning. Also last night it didn't have the same options that it gave me last week, and then this morning when I was half way through down loading my pictures for some unknown reason there they were. I will be so happy when I can do my blog all the way through with no hassles, I think that has happened a few times but not for awhile. Oh well if that's all I can complain about my life is pretty good. Thanks to everyone for giving me comments.
To Pat Ixt. is only a half hour away, we went with the singles club from LCS, I think they go every once in awhile.
Tell next time adios.


  1. Cheryl: When I am in Patricia W's blog, and click on the link to yours, the article "Our Trip to Mazamitla" is listed, but when I click on it the story about what you see on your walks shows up. Even if I enter your site directly, I do not get the Mazamitla story. Thought you'd want to know...

    Pat Y.

  2. Just wanted to tell you that you are looking terrific... Mexico must make you happy... Nice blog and I love the format.... Hi Billy. Dale will be over in your neighborhood to house sit very soon. Your friend, Patricia