Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ixtlahuacan Ceramic Factory

A group of us expats got together and did a car caravan to a ceramics factory in the nearby town of Ixtlahuacan. After spending our money on our treasures, we headed over to the department store in town, where I found a very nice tee shirt. I also dropped my sunglasses there, and didn't realize it until we were eating at the restaurant a few streets away. When I was done eating and went back to the store, they were closed, as everything here closes from 2-4 !!! My friend Julie was going  back to that store on Friday so she offered to pick them up for me if they were still there. Well I didn't really think they would be, but lo and behold they were,  right behind the counter waiting for their owner!!! What a  nice surprise that was. The sunglasses weren't expensive, but I have a hard time finding a pair that I like as they are usually all too big for my face. So this story had a happy ending.

Here are some pictures of our trip to the ceramic factory.

My friend Jeanne, with the mom and dad of the puppy. I don't think they were good guard dogs, unless
they lick you to death. :) Just realized that I don't have a picture of the puppy, just picture them smaller!

       Ceramic suns soaking up the sun?                                            

                       Jeanne taking a break.

Here a chick there a chick everywhere a chick, chick!

Plenty to choose from, the guy's who ran the place where very happy!

A fish out of water?

My girlfriend Sherry liked this guy so much she bought him and brought him home, I guess she likes the strong silent types?

Very colorful you can use them as planters or a fireplace.

This is what the mountains looked like in the morning last week .

It looks like the mountains are smoking.

Opps I didn' realize that the pictures didn't load all together.

Big mouth Bass?

Singing frogs?

These are really cute.

Oh I do have a picture of the puppy!

Ok bear with me here, today when I went to do my post I noticed that they have a different way to load your pictures, which was really cool and fast, however they also changed a few other things so now I have to get used to the new style. Take for instance this last picture, it wouldn't let me write under it, and  no I don't know why! it did say you could add a caption to the picture which I did and it even centered it for me, but then when I wanted to add more writing to this it is centering everything, oh well I guess I will figure it out sooner or later. I think I will do a practice post and see if I can get the hang of the new changes. See you all think this posting is so easy!!! Not!

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  1. Hi, Cheryl: How long a drive was it to Ixtlahuacan? Is it near Colima? I like the pots in the shape of animals....just wondering how far away it is. Thanks.
    Pat Y.