Thursday, July 14, 2011

Does it Matter?

4Th of July: As you can imagine if you want to celebrate this holiday you have to find a bunch of Americans to party with, that's not hard to do around here. This place is crawling with us gringos. We had our own party with our friends, even had decorations that Billy's brother brought down from the states. Like usual we had plenty of food and lot's of fun. The only thing missing was fireworks but that's ok.

Flying high in our parking lot !

Billy & his brother Richard

Billy & Wayne playing horseshoes. Notice the bunch of bananas on the tree.

Watching the games.

Walter getting into the spirit!

Summer time???
I usually write on my face book page about how wonderful the weather is here, well for the last 2 weeks I haven't been able to say that, our summer has been rainy and cool, being from Florida I like my summers hot and sunny. Now Billy on the other hand thinks this weather is just great, of course he doesn't go in the pool like I do so the sun not shining is no big deal to him. I guess I got spoiled with the winter season, when the sun was out everyday and not a cloud in sight. Oh well I guess I will just have to wait it out.

Does it matter????
Some days I find it hard to live here, things are just so different, things work differently if they work at all. Take for instance our internet service, all winter it worked great, now that the rains are here it is off and on. I used to go around saying why do they do this, why do they do that, don't they know you can do it this way and it will work better. etc. etc. Then I read a gentleman's blog about Ecuador, he said if you go around saying that all the time you will drive yourself crazy so instead of asking why, instead say "Does it matter"??? I find myself saying that plenty :) It is now my new catch phrase! So you might be saying now Cheryl what are you doing looking at blogs from Ecuador, isn't that how you ended up in Mexico, by reading a blog about Ajijic? Maybe you should stop reading about other countries? Well what fun would that be isn't the grass always greener on the other side of the fence, or should that be country? Well the real reason I was on there is my brother in law and partner are going there for 3 months this winter and I wanted to educate myself on where they were going. If they like it they plan on moving there, so I may get a chance to visit that country. There are many Americans that are going there for retirement.

Do you own or do you rent??
I get asked this question all the time, I don't know why people are so interested in our living arrangements but they are. When we answer that we rent the next question is, do you plan on buying? Well no we don't, we like the freedom of renting, if we see a place somewhere else it is just a matter of packing up and moving. Houses here in the village are way over priced and they usually take a long time to sell. Plus we don't want to tie up all our money into real estate. So no we are not buying, and don't plan on buying thank you very much.

Not having enough to do.
Some days I have lot's of things to do and then others I wake up and say ok what am I going to do with myself today? It is interesting to live here and not work, also not having any yard work to do, we went from 3 acres and horses to no land no horses , so I don't have any outside chores to do either. I have to get myself a hobby!

Are you ready to come home?
This morning I talked to my friend Pam, who lives in Florida her question was, are you tired of Mexico yet and are you ready to come home? No I'm not tired of it so I guess that would be no I won't be coming back, just to visit. I guess she still misses me which is nice, I miss her too.

Not having anything to say?
Well this was a post that I said ok what do I want to talk about, and like usual I found plenty of things to say. Things here are going well, today we took a day trip to Mazamitla it is a 90 minute drive from here on really nice roads. I will blog about it on my next post. Now that we know our way around here I would like to start exploring other areas. Till next time adios


  1. Hi Cheryl, Very nice blog. It has changed a lot and looks really professional. Your thoughts on the rainy season are mine too. I like more sun. I am trying not to complain about it. My internet goes out all the time too. But at least my electricity is staying on now. Let's get together sometime. I will be house sitting out in your area in August for a week. Your friend, Patricia

  2. I guess people ask questions because they want to be reassured that you guys are OK.....having moved somewhere that most people ( ie ME !) have never heard of ! You'll be happy wherever you are - that's you & one of the reasons I love you guys ( aside from the fact you gave me a gorgeous horse !)unlike some OTHER people, who will NEVER be happy - and don't want to be - wherever in the world they are !!! Love you guys - big hug 4 Billy too !