Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Day of shopping in Tonala

Tonala is a really nice town to go shopping in, plenty of stores to spend your money . We took our friends Joanne and Bill with us. They have just moved here from Florida, and knowing what it's like to be a newbie here we try to be helpful to others that have made the move. So last Saturday morning we headed out, the two Bill's were up front, my Bill drove, and Joanne's Bill's took note on how to get there. We found the parking lot that we like to use and pulled in. Now this is not your average parking lot, up top there are stalls, looks like it used to be a big stable years ago and on this day there were horses in the the stalls. Cheryl was happy!!! Right after we left the parking lot and hit the street we found a store that sold mirrors, that was one of the things I wanted to buy. The store had a really nice selection of them and I narrowed it down to three. We told them we would be back later to pick one out, which is what we did, we saw other mirrors that day but none as nice as theirs. We had a really nice day going through the stores, buying a few things and we had a great lunch that Joanne and Bill bought us. The lunch was so good that the next time we go back we plan on going there again. We really made a day of it, everyone's feet were tired by the time we decided to head home. Having been to Tonala before I wasn't sure how many pictures I would be taking on this trip but as you can see I found plenty of things to shoot, hope you enjoy them. As always if you click on them they will enlarge.

This is a picture of a plaque that has the old spelling of Tonala.

Thought this was really awesome, I would love to have one.
I love these lights I have two on my porch, but not as big as this one.

Interesting sun.

Didn't stop here but would like to on our next visit.

Really cute things for sale in this store.

Love the street lamp and the bench.

Joanne and my Bill in the background.

Loved this gate and the lamp above it.

These ladies were standing outside a furniture store.

This gentleman was in the furniture store, where they sell beautiful painted furniture, very expensive!

If you sit on this chair would you feel A ok?

This is where we had our delicious lunch!

Red Snapper for Bill

Joanne's shrimp taco's

Chilling out, waiting for the food to arrive.

This kitty was just hanging out.

Horses in their stalls.

The horse in the middle has his tongue sticking out, maybe he didn't want his picture taken?

All tacked up and ready to go. I have no idea where they ride the horses it is a pretty busy town, maybe there is a park nearby?

Well that's all for this post, hope all my readers have a fun and safe 4th of July.

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